• February 28, 2019

InMoment Unveils Market Experience Cloud and Employee Experience Cloud

InMoment, a provider of Experience Intelligence (XI), yesterday introduced the Market Experience (EX) Cloud and the Employee Experience Cloud, both, integral components of its new Experience Intelligence (XI) Platform, which also launched at the same time.

The InMoment Market Experience (MX) Cloud offers the following distinct features:

  • Market Surveys, allowing users to create and distribute ad-hoc surveys;
  • Panel, providing access to market data outside of CX and EX, including how campaigns and new products are performing, the opinions of non-buyers and targeted buyer sample groups, and more; and
  • Experience Benchmark, an automated benchmarking solution that captures unstructured data from review sites, social media, and surveys to show where companies rank against top competitors in near real time.

"As customer expectations rise, the imperative for businesses to get more intelligent in creating meaningful experiences is more critical than ever," said Simon Fraser, vice president of experience intelligence strategy at InMoment, in a statement. "Traditional market research methods are too slow and costly to fill all the gaps in this understanding. The new MX Cloud, powered by the XI Platform's data science core, automates what machines do best, providing speed and scale that traditional approaches simply cannot. As a result, InMoment can unite the most essential intelligence, in real time, and on a single, seamless platform for infinitely more value."

The Employee Experience (EX) Cloud, meanwhile, is a distinct environment to address the employee experience, demonstrating the integral relationship between profitability, customer loyalty, and employee satisfaction, loyalty, and productivity.

InMoment's EX Cloud features the following:

  • Survey Experience Optimization, which uses data science to improve the survey experience;
  • Multimedia Feedback, allowing users to engage employees in their preferred ways, whether video, image, voice, or through traditional web surveys;
  • Digital Intercept for gathering feedback across internal digital properties;
  • Active Listening, with real-time text analytics applied during the feedback process;
  • Explore, to search through employee feedback comments for specific topics that help answer and address their questions;
  • Case Management, to help address employee concerns and provide real-time alerts;
  • Anomaly Detection and Impact Analysis, to help proactively monitor employee feedback and get notified of trending topics, the impact of topics on main scoring metrics, and prioritize action.
  • A/B Testing, to track, monitor, and understand the impact of specific issues and actions on employee satisfaction;
  • Reporting, with data visualizations for structured and unstructured data;
  • Dashboards, which bring together employee insights and then apply advanced analytics and visualizations to create a strategic view for company leadership; and
  • Coaching, to help managers understand top strengths and opportunities to coach employees and to provide automated recommendations on ways to improve as well as action planning.

"One of the biggest mistakes HR professionals make is failing to connect the employee experience with the customer experience; the same is true for CX professionals when it comes to connecting the dots to EX," said Paul Warner, vice president of experience intelligence at InMoment, in a statement. "InMoment's new XI Platform gives HR professionals a much more powerful solution to understand and act on employee sentiment, and even more importantly, makes it simple for them to get out of their silo and directly connect and share with their CX colleagues. For the first time, the ability to more fully understand the intersection of these critical audiences and the impact on the business is possible within a single platform. This is truly groundbreaking."

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