Jivox Announces New Omnichannel CX Solutions

Jivox today launched two new solutions aimed at enabling brands to deliver consistent and personalized customer experiences across paid and owned digital channels, including native, display, video, and mobile advertising; social media; and a company’s own email and website.

The first solution is Customer Journey Optimization, an analytics and optimization tool that leverages artificial intelligence to show marketers which customer paths—beginning with a company website, email, or exposure to an advertisement—are driving engagement and conversions. It aims to help marketers make smarter decisions and by extension help companies optimize the best-performing paths in real time.

“A CMO really wants to look at this product because it can help them improve efficiency and reduce marketing cost. They can see all the unproductive consumer journeys that lead to nowhere, and they can also see the best-performing paths,” says Anna Luo, vice president of customer innovation and marketing at Jivox. “Because of this, they can run fewer ad impressions and email blasts by keeping the content relevant to only consumers who have shown interest in the right context along every node in their purchase journey.”

The second tool is the Channel Connector, which allows marketers to use the Jivox IQ personalized digital marketing platform with their preferred email marketing systems and websites. This enables them to automate personalized content delivery such as images and copy lines while simultaneously drawing upon website, paid media, CRM, contextual, and third-party data to personalize website content and landing pages when the consumer arrives.

“Until this point we delivered personalized content, but the focus has always been the advertising realm—social advertising, display advertising, video advertising,” Luo says. “We’re now delivering personalized content through email and through the website, and so now omnichannel is truly 360 degrees because it doesn’t just include the paid media, which is advertising; it also includes owned media, which is email and website.”

She adds that the Channel Connector aims to help marketers ensure consistency across channels, a capability critical to precision marketing, or enabling “the right message to be delivered to the right person at the right time using digital technologies,” she says.

“In this new paradigm, marketers move from a static marketing funnel to a dynamic funnel. Because of this change, we have to look at the journey very differently,” Luo continues. “[Consumers] can be starting their search on one channel, maybe a video, and then after they saw that they might be on a website, and then they’ll see an ad about the same product from the same company. We wanted to ensure that the messaging to that particular individual is consistent no matter what channel.”

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