• December 6, 2018

CallRail Enhances Cost-Per-Lead Solution with Multichannel Data

CallRail, a call tracking and analytics provider, has enhanced its Cost per Lead (CPL) solution, now allowing marketers to automatically calculate their cost per lead by analyzing text, form, and call conversions from paid campaigns on Google Ads, Facebook, and Bing Ads.

Along with its CPL enhancements, CallRail also updated its custom reporting engine within the platform. This update will help marketers build customized reports for their clients based on the outcomes of phone calls, texts, or form submissions. It will also allow them to look at specific date ranges and sources.

"Attribution is one of the clearest challenges still facing marketers today, whether you're an agency or an in-house marketing professional. Yet, it's, of course, always vital to be able to prove ROI and better understand how much leads cost your clients or executive leaders. Because data is often siloed between channels, doing this can be difficult and time-consuming," said Kevin Mann, co-founder and chief product officer at CallRail, in a statement. "With CallRail's enhanced cost-per-lead solution, marketing pros can now clearly see how many leads they are generating across multiple channels and through various interaction types, and they can report this information in an easy and digestible way."

The cost-per-lead solution focuses on these two problem-oriented features:

  • Multichannel Attribution Data: Marketers can access attribution data from multiple channels and sources from a single platform to understand which marketing sources and campaigns are generating leads at different parts of the funnel; and
  • Custom Client Reporting: Marketers can prove the value of their marketing efforts with custom CPL reports.

"Phone calls continue to be a key indicator of whether ad campaigns are effective or not, and combining these call-driven insights with data from texts and forms gives marketers access to a clearer attribution picture," Mann said. "These new features will save CallRail users time and enable them to prove value in a more compelling, straightforward way."

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