• December 6, 2017

CallRail Integrates with Facebook Ads

CallRail, a call tracking and analytics provider, today announced a deep integration with Facebook's Offline Conversion API. CallRail users can now view calls, texts, and form completions driven by Facebook ads natively in Facebook Ads Manager, alongside existing impressions and clicks.

CallRail's Facebook integration allows businesses to pinpoint exactly which ads are driving calls, texts and form completions.

"As companies embrace advertising and marketing accountability, attribution is more important than ever," said Kevin Mann, chief product officer and co-founder at CallRail, in a statement. "As more and more ad dollars are funneled into Facebook's increasing options, marketers and advertisers are demanding airtight solutions for attributing their results, and rightly so. Solid attribution plays a huge role in a company's ability to grow and develop, especially in increasingly competitive markets."

Many features of Facebook Business have also been improved for CallRail users, especially Custom Audiences. Now, CallRail users can retarget prospects who have called and generate look-alike audiences with similar demographics to those who engaged with ads. CallRail users can also determine if consumers sent text messages or completed forms via their Facebook ads.

Furthermore, with CallRail's data, Facebook can match individual phone numbers to specific accounts. Previously, if a user saw a Facebook ad, never clicked on it, yet visited the website through a downstream marketing source, CallRail would give attribution to that source, unaware that it was influenced by Facebook. Now, CallRail can identify prospects who visited a website shortly after viewing a Facebook ad and properly attribute the clicks to social.

"Conversations in marketing far too often center around the click and never the call," Mann said. "While both are promising steps forward in the conversion process, calls are known to convert better than web clicks. By adding call analytics to Facebook, we're giving businesses the metrics they need to successfully attribute and optimize their advertising efforts."

CallRail's Facebook integration follows two product launches in June.Keyword Spotting, the first of the two, identifies and categorizes keywords and phrases within call transcriptions for automated, detailed analysis of conversations. International Numbers, the second, expanded CallRail's call tracking to Australia, Brazil, France, Germany, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom.

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