• November 12, 2018

Guru Launches Voice-to-Knowledge Solution for Customer Support Teams

Guru today launched Guru AI Suggest Voice, an artificial intelligence-powered, real-time voice-to-knowledge solution. With Guru AI Suggest Voice, customer support professionals will now have relevant knowledge pushed to them in real-time when they're on the phone with customers.

Guru AI Suggest Voice listens to phone or teleconference conversations, converts speech to text, uses this text to search for relevant knowledge to maximize the support agent's effectiveness, and serves up this knowledge to the agent in real time, all without human effort.

Guru's announcement of AI Suggest Voice follows its launch of AI Suggest Text four months ago. Guru AI Suggest Text reads all text inside any active web browser window, including all web-based applications for customer chat, email, or customer ticket resolution. Guru uses this text to search for relevant knowledge and serves up this knowledge to the agent in real time.

"With the AI Suggest family of solutions, Guru continues to use AI to maximize the effectiveness of every customer support professional instead of using AI to eliminate their jobs," said Rick Nucci, co-founder and CEO of Guru, in a statement. "We believe that the world's best customer experiences will always be delivered by people, not bots. We look forward to empowering customer support professionals and leaders across the world."

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