• October 11, 2018

Freshworks Launches Freddy Omnibot, Hugo Integration

Freshworks, a provider of customer engagement software, today launched Freddy, an artificial intelligence engine for sales, support, and marketing.

Freddy leverages Google Assistant to help businesses resolve customer issues through a mix of human and machine-based voice interactions.

Branded with a canine look and feel, Freddy the Omnibot offers channel-agnostic contextual self-service to customers. The Freddy AI engine also enables agent assist to help new agents onboard a team with relative ease by troubleshooting customer queries.

Sales executives using Freshworks' CRM product powered by Freddy will be able to stay on top of their sales pipelines by auto-calibrating available leads.

Available in all of Freshworks' customer engagement products, Freddy learns from the Freshworks records of customer interactions across marketing, sales, and support and automatically replies to common queries in email, chat, voice calls, and social media with the appropriate content from the customers knowledge base.

"Traditional enterprise AI platforms have been too intimidating and complex to understand and implement. They certainly haven't been easy to use for customers or their representatives at the front lines of customer service, preventing businesses from achieving the full benefits of AI," said Girish Mathrubootham, founder and CEO of Freshworks, in a statement. "Freddy removes that complexity and frustration by delivering timely customer information for representatives and instantly answering questions anytime or anywhere customers need support."

Mathrubootham also noted that Freddy expands the capabilities of the first iterations of chatbots."Chat has been a powerful first vehicle for natural language processing (NLP) but today is too limited for customer-engagement issues. Consumers demand better service in the communication channels they prefer, whether it's modern messaging platforms, social media, or even automated IoT applications. With Freddy the AI engine, possibilities become limitless and customer experience can be enriched at every touchpoint and across multiple channels," he said.

Hugo, a productivity software company, today also announced an integration with Freshworks' Freshsales and Freshdesk, available through Freshworks' new Unified Marketplace.

Hugo enables a swift workflow that turns customer meeting insights into actionable units of work. Hugo translates outcomes into the language of the team, whether logging sales calls in Freshsales, support tickets in Freshdesk, engineering bugs in Jira or others.

"True customer success involves the whole organization. To compete and succeed in 2018, fast-moving companies can't excuse product, marketing, or design functions for example, from customer insights or actions," said Josh Lowy, CEO of Hugo, in a statement. "Hugo is designed for B2B companies who work across multiple applications in the same ecosystem, where large proportions of a team are insulated from the customers. Our integrations for the Freshworks suite enable horizontal, organization-wide usage that turns customer conversations into team insights and action, allowing entire businesses to organize themselves around the customer."

"We are excited to be integrating with Hugo as the best meeting note solution for customer-centric companies using the Freshworks Suite" said Rajiv Ramanan, head of Marketplace business and technical partnerships at Freshworks, in a statement. "By changing the outmoded model of meetings, Hugo will drive significant change for our teams and customers, making Freshworks + Hugo, an incredible value-add to some of the world's most innovative businesses."

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