HubSpot Launches Conversations

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HubSpot has launched Conversations, a new tool available as part of its free CRM that provides users with a collaborative inbox, chatbots, and lead routing and targeting, aiming to help businesses build better one-to-one relationships.

“What we’re trying to achieve with Conversations is really allowing all of [the] different teams to maintain transparency and maintain that crystal-clear view of their contacts and the relationships they’re building, regardless of what channel those communications are coming through,” says Elise Beck, senior product marketing manager at HubSpot. “We really try to create that transparency throughout the entire funnel.”

The collaborative inbox is built for all sources and all teams and allows users to manage email and chat conversations from a central location. “There’s one user interface that shows you all of the different conversations that are coming in, so you can toggle between all of your live chat conversations [and] all of your email conversations, or you can do all of them together,” Beck says. “You also have the option to view conversations that are only assigned to you, or you can view unassigned conversations, or you can even see all the conversations that are happening. You have a bunch of options for filtering your views and assigning and reassigning conversations across teams.”

Built on technology from Motion AI, a chatbot platform that HubSpot recently acquired, Conversations' chatbots automate the delivery of information and aim to facilitate more high-quality conversations. “[Conversations] comes with…templated workflows for chatbots so that you can easily build and deploy your lead qualification bot, which allows you to decide where a lead should be passed along to,” Beck says.

Conversations works seamlessly with HubSpot CRM to provide targeting and lead routing designed to connect the right people at the right time. “The targeting and lead routing again speaks to how Conversations is really built for teams. What you can do as you’re creating different ‘arrive’ chat messages for your site is you can have them targeted to different individuals who are browsing and based on that targeting have them routed to the appropriate person on your team,” Beck says.

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