VIDEO: How Clearly Do You Know Your Customer?

ISM, Inc. President Barton Goldenberg explains the importance of having a clear understanding of who your customer is to effective CRM in this clip from CRM evolution 2018.

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Read the complete transcript from this clip:

Barton Goldenberg: Imagine your marketing sales started with a full picture of the individual, what they really want and like. A lot of people look at their customer like this. They're a little bit out of focus. If we had a laser focus on our customer, would we be able to sell marketing service better to them?

Why is it that so few companies have mastered that holistic profile? I don't get it. This is Beneteau, another one of our customers. If you're a sailor or a motor boater, you might know them. They sell to distributors on the one side and they sell directly to consumers on the other side. It's a B2B2C, and they have a similar type of thing.

Again, I kept it generic. It's not important, the actual petals, but it's the same concept: 12-18 months to build the profile. Most companies have 80-90% of the profile information somewhere in the company--notebooks, Excel spreadsheets, Post-its, people leaving the company, knowledge bases, whatever, or can definitely get what they need.

I would just humbly submit that if you don't have the profile, you can't run a data analytics against it. If you can't run the data analytics against it, you'll come out with incomplete segments and/or clusters and/or channels of preference. Then if you go to market to sell a service to customer, you're unlikely to nail it.

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