VIDEO: How Can Businesses Adapt to Meet Future Customer Service Challenges?

Prophet Principal Analyst Brian Solis discusses emerging customer service challenges in this clip from his keynote at CRM evolution 2018.

You can watch Brian Solis's complete keynote, Designing Customer Experiences for Accidental Narcissists, in the CRM evolution Conference video portal. Learn more about CRM evolution here

Read the complete transcript from this clip:

Brian Solis: The analyst part of me is always exploring the challenges businesses are facing, from digital transformation to corporate innovation. The anthropologist in me is always looking at what we need to do to be more relevant in these times. But the challenges are always common; they're less technical. They're always human, which means just trying to understand how people are changing, how customers are changing.

How do we get our corporate culture to allow us to be innovative? We talk about innovation, but do we actually make decisions about being innovative? Do we have leadership versus management? Do we have a sense of urgency to actually do things differently? Where do we even start? And do we have the expertise or the skill set to move forward in new directions?

When we talk about customer experience or just experience in general, it's always a technology-centered conversation. How can we make investments, especially now with AI and machine learning, so that we can scale, so that we can make customer engagement more efficient, more mobile, more real time?

When you take a step back and look at what it actually means from the customers' perspective, what we're really trying to do is look at all of the engagements that a customer has with us today, and see how that adds up throughout their journey, and how that amounts a lifecycle that is not just renewed or modern, not just relevant, but fantastic. From their perspective, what does it look like in every moment and what do those moments look like together? It’s not just about how it is today, but how it could be.

If you had to invent your customer journey today, versus trying to adapt it for today, it would be a lot different.

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