Pegasystems Announces Pega Infinity

Pegasystems today launched Pega Infinity, a new digital transformation software suite that encompasses all Pega solutions, bringing together customer engagement and digital process automation. Announced at the PegaWorld conference in Las Vegas, the new suite aims to help organizations accelerate digital transformation across all areas of their business.

Under the umbrella of Pega Infinity, the company announced two new solutions: Pega Blockchain Innovation Kit and Self-Optimizing Campaigns. Pega Blockchain Innovation Kit, which is available today, enables Pega clients to integrate their Pega on-boarding software—including Pega Know Your Customer (KYC) and Pega Client Lifecycle Management (CLM)—with Ethereum blockchain technology. Clients can see how Pega can contribute KYC and CLM data sets to Ethereum and feed verified data blocks back into their Pega-driven processes. The kit includes a predefined Smart Contract that governs how clients can read from and write to the blockchain.

Self-Optimizing Campaigns, which will be available later this year, is a new Pega Marketing capability that leverages artificial intelligence to help marketers transition from segment-based campaigns to real-time, one-to-one engagements. The capability has three key elements, all of which aim to address inefficiencies in traditional campaign management.

First is automated audience selection. It allows marketers to input the desired size of their audience, and Pega AI automatically finds the most relevant targets and updates its selections as the campaign progresses.

Second is multi-offer, multi-treatment scope, which, again with Pega AI, empowers marketers to introduce a nearly unlimited number of offers, treatments, and test scenarios in a single campaign. The system reduces complexity via automation, and it uses each individual’s needs and preferences to align the campaign message with the target’s current context.

Third is in-flight campaign optimization and testing. Marketers set their campaign goals, such as acquisition volume, churn reduction, or cross-sell response rates, and Pega AI uses adaptive analytics to balance the campaign mix. Additionally, automated testing runs in the background, determining which combinations work best for each customer.

During his keynote at PegaWorld, Pegasystems CEO Alan Trefler said the company’s view of digital transformation is about building customer engagement and operational excellence “into the very DNA of your organization.” “From our inception…our mission has been to fundamentally change the way the world builds and uses software to really help them create outcomes, not just projects, and to really focus on customer engagement and operational excellence,” he told the audience. “When I see those words, customer engagement and operational excellence, that’s what resonates to us, to me, as digital transformation. Digital transformation done right, it’s not about getting to a place; it’s not about checking a bunch of boxes. It’s about developing fundamental capabilities that will let you compete, that will let you satisfy clients. For us, it’s about developing the capacity to build for change.”

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