Sprinklr Announces Intuition

Customer experience management provider Sprinklr today announced Sprinklr Intuition, a set of artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities that automates decisions, actions, and data analysis at a scale and speed far beyond what a human could achieve. Built into the core of Sprinklr’s platform, Intuition can be used across social media, marketing, advertising, research, commerce, and customer care. The initial announcement introduces two Intuition features, Intuition Moderation and Intuition Smart Alerts, with more to come. Moderation and Smart Alerts will be generally available on May 16.

“Intelligence is going to be the thing that is crucial for the ‘Internet of Experiences,’ and social is the foundation of that new world,” says Paul Herman, vice president of product marketing and education at Sprinklr. “But at the heart of it [is] the ability to do data at scale and do experiences at scale. AI was critical for that.”

Intuition Moderation allows companies to automate the prioritization, categorization, and routing of inbound messages. More specifically, it interprets message content to identify which messages are high-priority while simultaneously sorting messages into categories so that they can be routed to the appropriate party. According to Sprinklr, Moderation has three primary use cases: customer care teams can automatically assign messages based on type and whether a response is required; sales teams can identify buying signals; and marketing teams can identify brand-affirming posts that can be repurposed.

Intuition Smart Alerts leverages AI to establish dynamic thresholds that automatically alert a team about anomalies in social media conversations; informed by historical trends, it recognizes patterns in message volume and sentiment, and flags abnormalities. According to Sprinklr, primary use cases include early identification of crises and viral content; identification of topics that are quickly gaining attention; and monitoring sentiment for campaigns or product launches to immediately identify red flags.

“The company started [out] focusing heavily on social, [and] we did that because social is fairly complicated,” Herman says. “It isn’t the same as email; it isn’t the same as chat. It has a lot of unstructured data, so we said if we can tackle this and get our arms around the concept of a message ID and a profile ID and really get some of those basic technical objects in place, we could then tackle pretty much anything from there.”

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