Act-On Software Announces Engagement Insights

Act-On Software recently announced the release of Engagement Insights, a reporting tool that aims to simplify data exportability and report sharing. To achieve this, the tool provides real-time access to analytics via a live data connection and preconfigured, templated reports in Microsoft Excel and Google Sheets.

“We believe marketing reports are only as good as the action they drive and the ease of which the broader marketing team can access them and make more collaborative, data-driven decisions. Engagement Insights gives marketers a better place to start in their data-driven marketing via a templated approach, with easily accessible and shareable reports in the world’s most used BI tools—Microsoft Excel and Google Sheets,” says Adam Mertz, senior director of product marketing at Act-On Software. “Engagement Insights focuses on reducing the complexity of conventional data mining and reporting, to ensure stakeholders across the organization clearly understand marketing’s impact, influence, and contribution to the business. Marketing leaders can automatically share performance analytics with anyone they choose [such as] fellow executives [and] their own marketing teams, in just a couple clicks.”

The tool looks to empower companies to jump-start data-driven marketing strategies by simplifying the process of running pivot tables and building custom charts, as well as providing reports in an easy-to-view, easy-to-share dashboard. Additionally, it enables marketers to view email click-to-open rates with weekly and monthly trend analyses; top converting forms and landing pages with weekly and monthly traffic trends; and content downloads with weekly and monthly peak download times.

“Engagement Insights provides real-time visibility into the performance of key digital marketing assets [such as] emails, forms, [and] landing pages, all to answer common and pressing questions for marketers: What are the assets that prospects download most? What forms convert the most leads? What are the peak traffic times for specific landing pages? Are open-rates aligned with industry standards?” Mertz says. “By answering these questions, and by providing reports in a highly shareable format, Engagement Insights allows marketers to make more informed decisions on the programs they run, and enables their broader teams to better collaborate on approaches and campaigns.”

The rise of data-driven marketing has enlarged marketers’ role in the enterprise; Mertz notes that they are asked to deliver not just on brand awareness but to make direct revenue and pipeline contributions. “Engagement Insights empowers and enables them to assume these responsibilities with confidence, via real-time insight into the campaigns and assets that resonate most and drive audience engagement,” Mertz says. “It’s a capability that ensures credibility and accountability for marketers, and supports Act-On’s broader mission: offering a marketing automation platform that isn’t just the most powerful of its kind, but also the easiest to use.”

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