Wiredrive Accelerates Customer Success with Totango

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Wiredrive, a Los Angeles–based provider of cloud-based media sharing and collaboration services, aims to help creative enterprises operate more efficiently. Among its 1,500 customers are familiar names such as Nike, Cisco, ABC, and GoPro, which perhaps partly explains why it has been so concerned with maintaining high performance standards. Using Totango’s customer success software, the company has been able to better oversee each of its accounts, meeting growing expectations for support after initial contracts have been signed.

Wiredrive’s customer success team is charged with a number of responsibilities, including educating customers on how to get the most out of its service, identifying opportunities for cross-selling and upselling, and keeping churn to a minimum. With so much on its plate, the team feared it would have trouble providing each customer with the necessary amount of attention. The team needed to know which end users required the most guidance as well as help with delivering more personal and relevant messages during crucial moments of their journeys.

Looking for aid in these areas, the company turned to Totango’s customer success platform in January 2016. With Totango’s Executive Console Health feature, the Wiredrive customer success team was able to segment its customers based on specific landmarks in their journeys, getting a clearer view into how each segment was progressing. Wiredrive also adopted two other Totango features: SuccessPlays and Campaigns. SuccessPlays are operational programs and activities that are automatically triggered at different stages of the customer journey. Using the software, Wiredrive’s customer success team discovered that the first 21 days of on-boarding are critical to customer adoption; SuccessPlays was able to closely monitor customers in this segment and automatically assign tasks as needed to the relevant customer success manager.

The company has leveraged SuccessPlays throughout the customer journey. It can gauge customers’ likelihood to renew their contracts. Users are asked to fill out Net Promoter Score (NPS) surveys at two separate points in the period leading up to their renewal date, and customer success managers see their feedback 180 days in advance so that they can proactively target accounts that are at high risk of churning.

In addition, Wiredrive replaced its customer communication platform with Totango’s Campaigns, which has enabled it to better track the impact of customer engagements. With Campaigns, Wiredrive launched an outreach initiative designed to grow subscriptions, and customers began responding more frequently with requests for demos.

“We had 22 demo requests from existing clients after running Campaigns to identify users who weren’t using all aspects of the product,” said Rob Deutsche, Wiredrive’s customer success team lead, in a blog post. “Post demo, these users increased their overall usage by 12 percent on average the first month after introduction. This cost us nothing to run and led to multiple upsells.”

Using Totango’s Campaigns, Wiredrive has increased overall application usage by nearly 20 percent in less than three months, Deutsche said.

In addition to its gains using Totango’s Executive Console Health, SuccessPlays, and Campaigns features, Wiredrive’s customer success team has seen several additional benefits from the platform. The firm increased monthly recurring revenue by 60 percent year over year, while simultaneously on-boarding 20 new clients per month and managing its existing client base. It also saved more than 100 hours per month in reporting and outreach by using Totango’s automated upsell reporting capability, which allowed the team to focus on high-value touches, training, and consultations. As a result Wiredrive has reduced the length of its customer on-boarding process to less than 30 days.

“Totango was very easy to set up, and the team adopted the system quickly,” says Daniel Bondurant, chief technical officer of Wiredrive. “It has really helped protect revenue for us by easily letting us know key indicators of activity so that our customer success team can reach out to the client. Since our recent merger between Wiredrive and MediaSilo, we’re continuing to use Totango because of the value it brings and have started to integrate the entire product portfolio.”

The Payoff

Within six months of implementing Totanago’s customer success platform, WireDrive saw:

  • overall application usage increase by nearly 20 percent;
  • monthly recurring revenue increase by 60 percent year over year;
  • reporting and outreach decrease by more than 100 hours per month; and
  • its on-boarding process reduced to fewer than 30 days.

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