Kyvos Insights Now Supports Google Cloud

Big data analytics company Kyvos Insights today announced native support for Google Cloud, enabling users to analyze data in the Google Cloud environment with the Kyvos solution. The solution already supported Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure.

Kyvos looks to provide users with deeper customer insights and improve conversions through in-depth customer segmentation and demographic analysis. More specifically, it aims to anticipate customer needs via insights into their preferences and behavior, reduce churn by identifying at-risk customers, and optimize customer acquisitions by providing enhanced visibility into their buying journeys.

The solution enables users to analyze large amounts of machine-generated data logs and join different types of data, gain insights aimed at improving business and operational efficiencies, and detect network traffic anomalies with an eye on increasing cost savings. Kyvos also supports Apache Spark and Hadoop-based computation, enabling users to process data that varies in scale and granularity, and can integrate with enterprise security infrastructures to ensure data is secure.

Kyvos creates a BI Consumption Layer that readies data for business intelligence analysts via integration with tools such as Excel and Tableau. Users can then interact with data in the same ways regardless of where that data is stored.

"When people move to big data lakes and start consolidating their data into some sort of Hadoop or Spark infrastructure or a cloud-based infrastructure, trying to connect from BI tools and process a huge amount of data through Excel or Tableau or something, typically the response is really slow," Ajay Anand, vice president of products at Kyvos Insights, says. "We sit in the middle, and we create very efficient data structures on huge amounts of data so that now when you connect from your favorite BI tool to that big data, you get an instant response. It makes it available for business users who don't need to know anything about the complex environment and just need to connect from their favorite tools through the layer that we create to the big data to get that interactive, self-service instant response."

Companies, Anand says, can now "take full advantage of those cloud-based environments, which provide the ability to quickly and inexpensively get going in terms of doing big data analytics. Now they have the flexibility of running their BI and analytics either on premises or in the cloud, completely transparently. They can take full advantage of the benefits that the cloud brings in terms of quickly provisioning systems for your analysis."

Users can take advantage of the flexibility that the cloud provides without needing to know whether it's running on Azure or Google Cloud. "They would just connect to our BI Consumption Layer and get access to the data," Anand says.

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