• April 6, 2017

Lotame Partners with Are You a Human

Lotame, providers of an independent data management platform (DMP) and data exchange, has inked an exclusive partnership with Are You a Human, bringing its bot-detection and quality measurement technology to the Lotame platform. Lotame users will be able to identify non-human traffic and strip bots from their audiences, identify highly interactive profiles, and target human-only traffic.

"Lotame is going all-in on our promise to offer quality data with this partnership," said Andy Monfried, CEO and founder of Lotame, in a statement. "We are substantially increasing the quality of our data, condensing it, and removing what offers no value. This is part of the basic and continuing ethos of the Lotame Data Exchange and the commitment we have to our customers. Are You a Human is the ideal technology to keep Lotame ahead of the industry's concern around data quality."

Distil Networks found that in 2016, bots accounted for roughly 40 percent of Internet traffic and that 94 percent of websites were hit with bad bots that skew marketing analytics.

"Unlike the many companies who won't acknowledge bot traffic as a legitimate problem, Lotame instead saw an opportunity to address it head-on. By eliminating bot activity from first- and third-party data sets, they are fixing the problem at the source, before audiences get analyzed, forecasted, and targeted," said Ben Trenda, CEO of Are You a Human, in a statement.

"Lotame is proud to be an innovator in the data space," said Jason Downie, senior vice president and general manager of data solutions at Lotame, in a statement. "We wanted to be the first data exchange to take on fraud directly, because we can balance quality and scale. This partnership allows Lotame to clean the data up front, which alleviates post-campaign fraud findings."

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