Neuron enables machine-learning applications to be developed and deployed within the Jivox IQ platform. It is built on the Jivox Personalization Hub, an advanced technology framework employing in-memory database technology capable of storing and processing petabytes of data within milliseconds. The Personalization Hub is used by Neuron machine-learning algorithms to determine in real time the best ways to personalize creative and messaging. Using advanced matching algorithms, Personalization Hub ensures personalization, sequential messaging, conversation tracking, and attribution match consumers across all of their devices.

Neuron machine learning and artificial intelligence technology powers all the core algorithms that drive personalization across the Jivox IQ platform. Neuron helps brands discover micro-segments of prospects, in-market buyers, and shoppers in intent-rich micro-moments. It connects the dots between people, data, and trigger moments to generate personalized messages in real time. The Jivox machine learning technology enables brands to process vast amounts of data, learn and detect patterns, and predict and optimize outcomes to produce the best performing marketing campaigns.

"Jivox's Neuron machine learning technology and the recommendation engine application are game-changing," said Diaz Nesamoney, CEO of Jivox, in a statement. "Not only in the way we personalize creative and messaging at scale through autonomous decisioning, but also extending this innovation to brands as they build a one-to-one experience with their customers."

Jivox’s Recommendation Engine views products from the standpoint of consumers' past web interactions, including browsing histories, searches, clicks, ratings, likes, items saved in their virtual shopping carts, and purchases. It scales to millions of products and millions of consumers. It continuously monitors and learns from campaign performance data and predicts which product, creative, and messages are most likely to appeal to individual consumers.

The Recommendation Engine is available immediately as an add-on to Jivox IQ.