MedPro Stops Wasting Leads with Velocify

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MedPro specializes in managing waste for medical and pharmaceutical companies and so is no stranger to proper disposal. But according to Dan Hansen, the company’s president and chief operations officer, a recent goal—ironically—was to stop wasting perfectly good leads.

Formed in 2009 in the Naperville suburb of Chicago, MedPro had identified early a robust market consisting of medical and veterinarian facilities, which expressed a demand for low-risk disposal methods that met regulation compliance rules. Naturally, the company spent its foundational years focusing on the largest opportunities it could find. But to reach the next level of growth, MedPro realized it would have to start paying closer attention to the smaller deals as well. As an investor in the business, Hansen wanted to feel comfortable that the money being spent on leads was providing returns, and that sales opportunities were being managed properly throughout the life cycle “regardless of the size.”

“If you’re a business like ours,” Hansen says, added revenue “gives you more money to reinvest into the business and continue that net growth, whether it’s additional resources, additional technology.”

MedPro wasn’t devoid of technology when Hansen joined the company, in 2013. The outfit leveraged Salesforce.com’s CRM system to store prospect information and HubSpot’s marketing automation technology to send its promotional materials. But while the data stored in its CRM system was useful, the custom methods it was using were “heavily reliant on the salesperson making the decision and creating paths to follow up on their time frame,” Hansen says. The team needed a more practical and streamlined procedure for deciding which of the leads to focus on, and how to follow up with them to make an impact.

MedPro tried its hand with Inside Sales’ outbound calling software, but soon realized the solution wasn’t what the firm needed. “We were using our marketing resources to generate the majority of our leads,” Hansen notes. “We needed to figure out how to optimize the leads that were coming in to us, and that’s how we moved from something like Inside Sales to Velocify.”

Velocify’s cloud-based sales acceleration platform, Pulse, is designed to help companies prospect, nurture, and convert leads. After researching the market and deciding on Velocify’s offerings in late 2014, MedPro got to work. Hansen notes that getting the design phase right proved the most important part; the company spent the first quarter of 2015 creating its workflows and smoothing out the implementation’s blueprints. Hansen laid out the “high-level architecture” of the sales process and passed that information on to the company’s CTO, who translated it into a technical architecture using “some of the documents and foundation given to us by Velocify,” he says. Then, working with the sales manager and his team, and meeting twice a week, the company tested multiple iterations of the solution.

“We were fully rolled out by April 1 [of 2015],” Hansen says. One month later, the company had seen a 6 percent increase in conversion rates and a 4.3 percent increase in close rates. By April of 2016, the company had grown its revenue by 20 percent. Hansen notes that Velocify has also given MedPro a better read of its marketing ROI.

And whether it’s making it easier to adjust workflows or enabling elements of sales automation to be transferred to other aspects of the business (such as customer service), Velocify continues to hone its offering, Hansen says. “One of the things we like most about Velocify is that they’re constantly releasing new features and updates.”

The Payoff

Since implementing Velocify's Pulse for Salesforce.com, MedPro has seen the following results:

  • a 6 percent increase in conversion rates, and a 4.3 percent increase in close rates, after just one month;
  • 20 percent revenue growth after one year; and
  • an improved view and understanding of marketing ROI.

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