Actifio Announces OnVault Data Retention

Copy data virtualization company Actifio today announced OnVault, a long-term data retention solution. Available for Amazon Web Services S3, Google Cloud Nearline, and IBM Cloud Object Storage, OnVault provides data reuse capabilities for processes such as business intelligence, analytics, and data warehousing. The new capability is part of Actifio's core platform and is designed to continue the company's mission to transform how data is accessed, managed, and protected.

Actifio's Virtual Data Pipeline technology works to separate data from infrastructure, with the goal of helping organizations improve data management, access, and protection. More specifically, the solution replaces siloed data management systems with an application-centric approach that enables users to capture data from production applications, making it available anywhere, at any time.

"We piloted data virtualization as the next big thing in virtualization—servers, network, storage, or virtualized. We saw an opportunity eight years ago to virtualize what's really most important for businesses, which is data, and the ability and applications to access this data as fast as possible, anywhere," says Ash Ashutosh, CEO of Actifio. "[Now] we have 1,500 global enterprise and service providers in 37 countries that use Actifio to transform how they access, how they manage, how they protect data, and it fundamentally changes the architecture of IT. One of the key tenets we try to drive with virtualization is the ability to access data anywhere."

Relying on Actifio's data virtualization technology, OnVault manages data generated by business applications, social media, the Internet of Things (IoT), and other sources. The solution functions both on-premises and in the cloud and handles the entire data life cycle, including protection, analysis, and compliance.

OnVault provides instant data access from anywhere, for multiple use cases. The solution manages data in its native format and makes it instantly available to users, allowing them to use it for practices such as compliance and data integrity checks, rich media analysis, and ETL processing. Furthermore, all data is encrypted in transit, promoting security and efficiency.

"Typically, the normal process was for data to end up in what we call a vault. All the data that you created every month, every week, is sent off literally to a vault, and you leave it there, and you hope you never have to use it again. We call it the graveyard of data," Ashutosh says. "The vault is a place where a lot of enterprise data ends up, including some of the newer data, social media data, [data from] the Internet of Things, and of course all the application-generated data that you've been accumulating for weeks, years. The OnVault capability [provides] the normal process of managing the life cycle, except now the vault is actually alive, it's useful."

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