The 2016 CRM Market Rising Stars: ClearSlide Enables Sales with Engagement Analytics

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With more than 5,000 accounts to its name, ClearSlide has come a long way since its formation in 2009. It has solidified its presence in the sales enablement market and made moves to ensure that reps can access and control the content they require to engage with customers.

“We’ve always had really great best-of-breed solutions for specific tasks,” says Michael Schultz, ClearSlide’s vice president of marketing and business development. With its tools, for instance, users can host instant meetings, link prospects to Web sites, and complete these jobs via email and mobile devices. But, he adds, “this year was about bringing all [our capabilities] together into a single platform.”

In April 2015, ClearSlide introduced Presenter, a mobile app that gives sales reps (whether online or off) access to content to present at meetings. Users can instantly view the analytics tied to viewer engagement, including how long people viewed a video, where it was shared, and how long they spent on specific areas.

In August 2015, the vendor bolstered its Mail offering with Video Mail, enabling users to record and email “trackable” videos directly to prospects while remaining within the ClearSlide platform. “When sales reps are able to personalize their pitches and include video,” Schultz says, they see “60 percent or higher engagement rates with emails that get sent.”

Its Replay offering, also released in August 2015, allows reps to record and view sales meetings. With the tool, sales and marketing leaders can decide which recordings to use as examples to share with the organization and educate new employees on best practices, thus saving time on training, Schultz states.

ClearSlide also solidified its ties with Salesforce.com and Microsoft Dynamics CRM. The newest version of ClearSlide’s Salesforce app is updated for the Lightening interface and has features that automate sales processes to enhance productivity. ClearSlide is now compatible with on-premises and cloud versions of Microsoft Dynamics.

Additionally, ClearSlide integrates with PeopleLinx, to help users track prospect engagement while sharing content on social media.

Looking ahead, ClearSlide plans to move further into the predictive market. “We see the industry shifting toward guided selling, and we feel really good about the information and analytics that ClearSlide has to help companies really take advantage of that,” Schultz says. 

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