• April 15, 2016
  • By Leonard Klie, Editor, CRM magazine and SmartCustomerService.com

Segmint Enhances Its SegmintOne Marketing Platform

Segmint, a provider of active analytics and cross-channel marketing, has added several data-driven marketing solutions to its SegmintOne marketing platform.

The platform enables companies to activate their own data and deliver one-to-one targeted messages, triggered in real time, across all channels, using its own anonymized data. The SegmintOne platform assigns key lifestyle indicators (KLIs) to each anonymized customer based on products, activities and interests, channel preferences, competitive product mix, spending habits, and lifestyles, among many other unique insights from a combination of predictive and real-time transactional behavior. These KLIs are used as real-time triggers to deliver personalized messages. 

SegmintOne leverages only anonymous data, never personally identifiable information. Instead, a unique customer identification code (UCIC) is assigned to each customer to anonymize the data. Because of this, companies and their customers "can feel comfortable" about using the product, says Rob Heiser, president and CEO of Segmint.

The new capabilities in SegmintOne include the following: 

  • Control Groups & Champion–Challenger Test functions: Users can now implement control groups and A/B testing to measure the effectiveness of their marketing campaigns. With Control Groups, financial institutions can withhold treatment to a statistically significant sample, while Segmint's Champion–Challenger Test, or A/B testing, compares the behavior of groups who receive two different marketing treatments.
  • Real-time capabilities: The solution now analyzes large quantities of payment and transaction data in real time. SegmintOne can also match message delivery with product openings in real time, providing an instantaneous view of cross-sell conversions, new customer acquisitions, and face value and economic value.
  • Business Intelligence Dashboard: Segmint's advanced Business Intelligence Dashboard offers more than 20 dynamic reports and an array of customizable filters, enabling organizations to visualize and optimize marketing campaigns. It offers two executive dashboards, including a Performance Overview Dashboard, which displays real-time ROI metrics, including cross-sell conversions, conversion rate, face value, and overall efficiency of individual campaigns; and Campaign Optimization Dashboard, to visualize new campaign targeting and campaign refinement opportunities. 
  • Intent KLIs: Intent KLIs help drive real-time data decisioning by revealing customers' interests or intent based on their activity on the bank's Web site, online banking, or mobile application. For example, the Mortgage Intent KLI is assigned to customers once they visit the bank's mortgage page. The bank can combine the Mortgage Intent KLI with the customers' product, spend, and competitive and predictive KLIs to usher them through the customer journey and encourage them to use the bank's mortgage calculator or begin a mortgage application.

"All of these are critical components that the market didn't have before," Heiser says.

Heiser says analytics are at the core of the new offerings, but the real strength of the solution lies in its real-time capabilities. "The real-time analytics, real-time delivery, real-time ingesting of data are all much more robust that what has been available."

Combining first-party data, purchasing data, and intent data, the SegmintOne platform "is very powerful," he says. "We're helping out customers change and adjust, right when their businesses need it."

Mark Moore, Segmint's chief marketing officer, points out that making the data actionable "is critical."

“It all starts with anonymizing the data and then activating it in real time,” he adds, noting that in today’s marketing environment, “getting real-time feedback is critical, as is the ability to make adjustments dynamically.”

According to Moore, this capability is especially significant in the financial services segment, where Segmint has seen its greatest traction, but will be vital to other markets as well.

Heiser agrees. "Segmint has strong relationships in the banking industry," he says. "The platform is not specific to that industry, but it is where Segmint grew up."

Nonetheless, "any company can take advantage of the platform and can leverage it with any data sets they have, regardless of the industry," he adds.

The company is starting to see interest from the retail, insurance, and healthcare sectors, according to Heiser.

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