EnterpriseDB Partners with Google Cloud Platform

Today, enterprise database company EnterpriseDB, provider of PostgreSQL software and services, announced a new partnership with Google that brings the capabilities of its Postgres Enterprise Manager database management system to Google Cloud Launcher. The collaboration provides more options for Google Cloud Launcher customers looking to harness Postgres database management capabilities for their applications.

EDB Postgres Enterprise is an open-source, subscription-based service that's designed to give users enhanced performance, security, and developer features as well as database compatibility with Oracle. The solution's management suite provides users with a graphical interface for managing, monitoring, and alerting databases and performing backup and recovery operations, and the migration suite provides tools for migrating applications from commercial databases to open-source databases. EDB Postgres Enterprise also offers 24/7 support, professional services, training, and certification.

Combining EDB Postgres Enterprise with Google Cloud Launcher offers users a cloud-based, enterprise-class database management system for developing applications. The collaboration also delivers an enhanced version of Postgres with enterprise-class performance and security features, Oracle compatibility in three clicks, and the ability to move data between the cloud and on-premises systems. EDB Postgres Enterprise also aims to reduce cost compared to other database solutions, and the integration with Google will enable users to simultaneously manage multiple databases.

"What we're standing up on Google is the full-strength, advanced server version of Postgres that we have, that will support a true enterprise deployment in the cloud. We're looking forward to seeing a lot of great business there," says Lenley Hensarling, senior vice president of strategy and product management at EnterpriseDB. Hensarling also emphasizes Google's hourly pricing model. "If you're starting to stand that new business up, if you're doing your development and your trialing it and you want to run A/B experiments and things like that, you can do that and really control what your expenditure is," he says.

James Chinn, CEO and managing partner at Shadow-Soft, emphasized the collaborative solution's ease-of-use and enhanced features in a statement.

"As a Google Cloud Platform services partner, we develop and provide managed services for customers' applications on Google Cloud Platform. Now, with EDB Postgres Enterprise available via Google Cloud Launcher, we can give our customers quick and easy access to an enterprise-class DBMS with exceptional performance, security, compatibility and affordability."

More than 3,400 organizations worldwide utilize EnterpriseDB software, training, and professional services. The company brands its database management solution as an alternative to products offered by Oracle, Microsoft, and IBM, exemplifying how open-source platforms can reduce costs for organizations. The company also recently released updates for Postgres Advanced Server and Postgres Enterprise Manager that aim to improve scalability, security, and manageability.

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