GMC Software and SundaySky Team Up on Personalized Video Solution

Customer communications expert GMC Software today announced a partnership with personalized video provider SundaySky, bringing the latter company’s SmartVideo technology to customers via its GMC Inspire customer communications management solution. The joint solution aims to harness the customer data available in GMC Inspire to create dynamic video content for engaging with customers.

GMC Inspire enables businesses to create customer communications—such as monthly statements, contracts, and quotes—and deliver them through a variety of channels, including print, fax, email, social media, and text. The solution features multichannel preview, proof, and signoff capabilities, making it easier for businesses to personalize communications with customers regardless of where an interaction takes place.

SundaySky's SmartVideo solution provides personalized video experiences for a variety of customer communications, such as welcoming new customers, explaining processes, and providing customer support. SmartVideo utilizes real-time customer data to create one-to-one communications with consumers, with the goal of enhancing the overall customer experience and deepening customer loyalty.

The union of the two solutions provides companies with a powerful means of delivering personalized video communication to customers through a variety of channels. Users can drag and drop video content into both existing and new content streams from within GMC Inspire, a process that, according to a statement by Scott Draeger, vice president of product marketing at GMC Software, enables "consistency in branding, messaging, and compliance."

Personalized communication through all channels is an essential driver for improving brand loyalty. Furthermore, video communications are becoming increasingly important, especially with the rise of social media platforms such as Snapchat and Periscope. The partnership between GMC and SundaySky addresses both of these realities, as well as the importance of using a diversity of channels to reach consumers.

"Communicating to customers on a one-to-one level fosters stronger customer bonds and a deeper level of brand loyalty that businesses continuously strive for," said Jeff Hirsch, chief marketing officer at SundaySky, in a statement. Hirsch also stressed the importance of utilizing video to communicate with customers at key touch points, including the on-boarding process, monthly billing statements, and contract renewal.

Hirsch also noted in the statement the importance of delivering the most pertinent information to customers and trimming the unnecessary—a process that can be enhanced by a high level of personalization:

"Supporting customers by sharing the most relevant information improves the customer experience while reducing support costs related to such customer transactions. The entire experience is tailored to the individual in a format that is engaging, easy to understand and actionable."

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