• February 4, 2016

Badgeville Launches MotivationMetrics Data Platform

Badgeville today launched MotivationMetrics, a data discovery and analytics service that provides gamification, performance, and recognition insights across an organization.

Badgeville's digital motivation platform gathers data from hundreds of sources, including mobile, Twitter, Facebook, CRM, social collaboration, and human capital management applications. MotivationMetrics builds on Badgeville's platform to offer program and business sponsors rich visualizations that highlight the engagement journey, demonstrate ROI, and showcase organizational performance.

"There is a wide range of analytics tools that help slice and dice data, but much of it lives within the conventional silos of BI, CRM, and other monolithic platforms. There's no way to see what influences engagement across the systems, nor do these tools tell you how to drive improvement," said Steve Sims, chief design officer at Badgeville, in a statement. "That's where MotivationMetrics is different. It not only lets you see what rewards users are achieving on the Badgeville platform, it also visualizes behaviors and who's performing what to give you definitive recommendations and strategies to help you achieve business outcomes."

MotivationMetrics includes the MotivationONE Data Service, providing an outbound data feed to bring gamification data into existing business intelligence (BI) and predictive analytics solutions.

Companies can use it to do the following:

  • See which behaviors correlate most strongly with performance;
  • Identify training opportunities for organizational improvement;
  • Focus incentives on key contributors in internal and external communities;
  • Improve program design based on engagement metrics;
  • Recognize groups and individuals who are meeting sales or other objectives;
  • Evaluate individual, manager, or group performance against goals; and
  • Correlate attrition against employee engagement to better understand why employees leave and implement proven techniques to improve retention.

MotivationMetrics includes more than 40 pre-built reports that combine program data and present it across three dimensions—gamification progress, performance, and recognition. Using BI taxonomy that measures recency, frequency, and impact, MotivationMetrics provides a continuous feedback loop with dashboards, self-service reports, and rich visualizations. Companies can use this three-dimensional motivation scorecard to take direct action via the Badgeville platform and reward, promote, or coach participants to influence outcomes and track measurable impact in real time.

MotivationMetrics is built upon a Hadoop-based infrastructure that leverages Tableau for interactive visualizations, Spark for sliding window segmentation, Impala for queries, Hive for ETL, Kafka, HBase and other technologies.

"We recognize the growing importance of gamification data to leaders at all levels. Today's leader needs data and insights that go beyond mere engagement. No other solution can connect all of these pieces of the puzzle to show the impact digital motivation has on performance and recognition across the enterprise," said Jon Shalowitz, CEO of Badgeville, in a statement. "With the Badgeville platform and MotivationMetrics, customers and business owners can identify and motivate the key behaviors that help companies achieve their business goals with a compelling ROI."

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