• November 10, 2015

Spiro Launches Free Personal Sales Assistant

Spiro today unveiled a free personal sales assistant in the Apple App Store.

Salespeople at more than 200 companies beta tested Spiro. On average, they closed 11 percent more deals per month and increased their average deal size by 18 percent.

Spiro works as a personal sales assistant, making recommendations to help salespeople close more deals. Spiro was designed on top of a custom-built machine learning engine that leverages existing data in Salesforce, email, and calendars to tell salespeople who to call, email, or meet to advance opportunities.

"Legendary salespeople know that there is one universal truth: Money is not going to make itself. Spiro was built for salespeople who want to increase their win rates, sell bigger deals, and work more opportunities. That's how you make more money in sales," said Adam Honig, Spiro co-founder and CEO, in a statement. "After years of living with dull, soul-sucking, time-wasting enterprise sales apps that don't really improve the odds of salespeople winning more deals, we think it's time for a smart, fun, personal sales app that actually moves the needle."

Spiro's features include the following:

  • Intelligent Customer Contact Prompting: Spiro integrates with Salesforce, email, and calendars to understand what each salesperson has in his personal pipeline and proactively notifies him when he should take action to move deals forward.
  • Eliminate Salesforce Data Entry: Salespeople can capture actions and engagement with prospects, such as completing a follow-up call or sending an email. With every action that moves a deal forward, Spiro automatically updates Salesforce with all of the details.
  • Multiple Personalities for Increased Motivation: Spiro provides multiple personal assistant personas within the app to provide prompts in whatever personality fits each salesperson. Spiro personalities include Jewish Mother, R-rated, Surfer Dude, Gossip Girl, and Coach.

"When salespeople find a solution that cuts through the clutter and helps them sell, they'll actually use it," said Max Altschuler, founder of Sales Hacker, in a statement. "Salespeople always want to know what they need to do next so they can better manage their existing pipelines, focus on the biggest opportunities, and close more deals. Spiro is filling a gap in the marketplace and solving a long-existing pain point with its free personal sales assistant that helps them do just that."

Spiro is free to use. Users must have an iPhone and be using Salesforce. Additional CRM systems are expected to be supported soon.

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