• May 13, 2015

ConnectAndSell Launches ConnectAndSell Predict, Powered by SalesPredict

ConnectAndSell has launched ConnectAndSell Predict, powered by SalesPredict, which enables ConnectAndSell Lightning and ConnectAndSell OutboundOnDemand customers to score and source leads that are 16 to 32 times more likely to close.

ConnectAndSell Predict can be used by ConnectAndSell Lightning customers who have deployed ConnectAndSell in house and ConnectAndSell OutboundOnDemand customers who rely on ConnectAndSell inside sales representatives to do the dialing on their behalf.

ConnectAndSell Predict enables marketers to do the following:

  • Score leads already purchased;
  •  Source and score leads before they are purchased; and
  • Monitor the leads that sales are calling.

"Until now, sales professionals were often fed up with poor leads passed to them by marketing. With ConnectAndSell Predict, marketers can save hundreds of thousands of dollars by only buying leads that have an acceptable score and a high chance of converting to an opportunity," Chad Burmiester, vice president of sales and marketing at ConnectAndSell, said in a statement. 

"Prior to partnering with SalesPredict, we tested SalesPredict for our own company. The results were enlightening and alarming," Chris Beall, CEO of ConnectAndSell, said in a statement. "SalesPredict showed us which leads have 16 times more likelihood of resulting in an opportunity. We also learned that 43 percent of our leads were considered A Leads, and 9 percent B Leads, meaning 48 percent of our leads were probably not worth acquiring. And even more alarming, 50 percent of the A Leads had never been called."

"We are excited to partner with ConnectAndSell and provide their customers with new insights powered by predictive analytics. Because ConnectAndSell sees all the leads that their customers are calling, they are in a unique position to monitor the order in which the leads are called and prioritize by conversion potential, to maximize results," Yaron Zakai-Or, CEO of SalesPredict, said, in a statement. "By combining SalesPredict with ConnectAndSell's Coaching as a Service to insure that the right message is delivered, sales conversion rates can improve by several factors."

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