Lyris Rolls Out Content Personalization Tool for Publishers and Media Companies

Email and digital marketing solution provider Lyris has launched Predictive Personalization, a content personalization tool for its clients in the publishing, media, and entertainment spaces. While sharing the right content with customers is a key part of every company's marketing strategy, it's particularly crucial for these niche industries, Alex Lustberg, CMO of Lyris, says. "Publishers aren't just doing content marketing to sell a product. The content is their product, which is why it has to be highly personalized and relevant," he explains.

The predictive solution generates relevant content for readers based on their Web site habits, social media behaviors, and other factors. Once the tool picks up on the type of content that an individual reader reads on a publisher's Web site or shares through social media, for example, it applies machine learning algorithms to return similar or related content that the reader is also likely to find engaging.

This process is automated, meaning marketers don't have to manually assign specific segmentation or personalization rules. Lyris Predictive Personalization is delivered through Lyris' email marketing solution, Lyris Audience Messaging, which triggers automated emails containing the curated content. It's also possible to add dynamic email features to messages, which enables publishers to update content in the email even after it is sent.

For marketers, Lyris' new solution will provide "a great deal of efficiency," according to Lustberg, because they will no longer have to "spend hours" choosing the right content to feature in a newsletter or other content aggregator. With an automated content personalization tool such as this one, Lustberg says marketers will not only save time, but also generate higher engagement rates and return on investment. "What we've found is that through predictive personalization, we are increasing engagement by 100 to 200 percent, increasing click-through rates, generating more media subscriptions, and seeing higher paywall conversions. We've also found that when folks get the content they care about, subscriber churn is reduced by 25 to 50 percent," he explains.

Because Lyris Predictive Personalization serves customized content in real time, subscribers' emails are targeted with up-to-date analytics behind them. The solution is powerful and far-reaching, Lustberg says, so that marketers don't have to make the choice between accuracy and scalability.

"Delivering meaningful content at scale across digital channels requires intelligent automation," Sylvia Sierra, senior vice president of customer acquisition and retention at Access Intelligence, a Lyris customer, said in a statement. "Lyris Predictive Personalization is designed to take advantage of everything a publisher knows about its audience, augment it with real-time interactions, and automatically assemble and deliver the most appropriate messages to subscribers across their preferred digital channels. This is key for driving engagement and ultimately more revenue."

"Publishers are sitting on a treasure trove of content, and with this new capability, we're helping them leverage this great resource that they already have," Lustberg adds. "It's the first solution on the market truly designed specifically for publishing, media, and entertainment companies' needs."

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