WWE and Warner Bros. Pin Down a Winning Mobile Campaign with TreSensa

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and auto insurance to deliver the bundling message. For the WWE's Scooby-Doo and the Race to Wrestlemania DVD, incorporating the Mystery Machine into a monster-filled driving adventure was a "logical way to create a relevant game," Grossberg says.

What made this campaign different, however, was that TreSensa added a DVD trailer at the end of the three-level game, along with a link to buy the DVD. TreSensa had never added a path to immediate purchase before, but because buying a DVD requires less commitment than, for instance, signing up for auto insurance, the tactic seemed promising. Ultimately, the experiment paid off. Within a week, the DVD sold out on Amazon.com, and roughly one million players had engaged with the game for an average of three minutes.

Though Tustin says that the WWE Studios team didn't know what the results would be when they first began working with TreSensa, they've been pleased with how the campaign turned out. "Quite honestly, I did not know what to expect when this started, as this was my first branded mobile Web game. I expected some pain. The process, however, went surprisingly smooth, even with both WWE Studios' and Warner Bros.' marketing and legal teams involved each step of the way," Tustin says. Once the specifics for the game were agreed upon, she adds, it was just a matter of getting TreSensa the film art and sound assets it required and approving the various builds of the game up to the final version.

TreSensa is proud of the campaign as well, particularly because the ROI demonstrated the impact of immediate gratification, according to Grossberg. "Including that link to buy at the end of the game was important for us because we wanted to give players an opportunity to immediately make a purchase without losing that postgame momentum," Grossberg says. TreSensa offers other related capabilities, too, such as incorporating a coupon after the player passes a certain level. "With mobile devices, it's all about the right engagement at the right time and about creating a sense of urgency. With a branded game, that's what we're offering," he adds.

The Payoff

Thanks to TreSensa's branded mobile app campaign, WWE Studios and Warner Bros. experienced the following results:

  • an average of 3 minutes spent playing the game;
  • more than 1 million game plays within the first week; and a
  • sold-out inventory of the DVD on Amazon.com.

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