Pipeliner CRM Launches Elements Solution to Smooth Sales Processes

Pipeliner CRM has released Elements, an updated version of its CRM solution set. Pipeliner CRM’s software aims to help sales teams save time, collaborate, and home in on what is most essential in order to close sales.

Central to the improved technology is the Buying Center, an application that allows team members to share and access data throughout the selling process, using relationship graphs, notes about contacts, and the hierarchies of influence surrounding opportunities. The new edition will also feature a sharpened user interface, integrated help screens, built-in training methods, and adjustable pipe views.

For Pipeliner CRM, the release of Elements coincides with the unveiling of its refashioned corporate identity, which pays respect to the company’s root values. Following the renewal of its software this past October, the update is another attempt to justify its self-appointed title as “world’s most visual CRM." "We’ve taken great time and care to make sure that [our software was] visual first, database and data-centric second,” Eric Quanstrom, the company's chief marketing officer, says. “The ‘picture’s worth a thousand words’ kind of statement really is more than just a pithy platitude for us.”

Quanstrom holds that Pipeliner CRM’s product caters to a changing market, in which customers hold more power than ever before, while many companies are still relying on outdated methods such as cold calls. “Less than 60 percent of all sales teams surveyed [according to a recent CSO Insights study] are not making quota on a regular basis,” Quanstrom says. “We think that a lot of the reason is that because, if you pull everything back, sales process is either at the heart of making or missing quota.”

For Pipeliner CRM, process is paramount. Where “others tend to attack first and foremost from a software point of view,” Quanstrom says, “we tend to think more about process and organization.”

Some analysts are more skeptical of this approach. “Pipeliner seems to be based on the premise that sales reps already know best practices and simply need to be set free and supported in their quests,” Denis Pombriant,  managing principal of Beagle Research Group, says. “Salespeople will do what's easy before they do what's necessary, so supporting their natural inclinations can produce problems. Using technology that supports ad hoc or no process does not produce great results.”

As for Pipeliner, the company is optimistic about its future and hopes the release will further boost the company’s recent growth spurt. “We will finish [the 2014 calendar year] more than doubling revenue from the previous year. Our goals are pretty ambitious. I would say that for 2015, [we’d like to welcome] tens of thousands of [new] customers.”

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