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CleverTap Acquires Leanplum

Clevertap's acquisition of Leanplum expands its capabilities in user engagement and personalization.

Casted Launches Insights for Podcasts and Videos

Casted Insights provides visibility into brand engagement and actionable audience metrics across audio and video content.

NielsenIQ Launches Activate, a Retail Media Solution

NielsenIQ Activate allows retailers to leverage their own data to accelerate new revenue streams.

tvScientific Partners with Adjust for CTV Integration

tvScientific's partnership with Adjust enhances omnichannel strategies from impression to post-app installation.

Replicant Launches Thinking Machine

Replicant's Thinking Machine is a single conversation engine to automate customer service interactions across every channel. (Featured on SmartCustomerService.com.)

CompleteCSM Launches Customer Intelligence Cloud

Customer Intelligence Cloud helps companies collect signals, reveal customer intent, and aggregate historical telemetry and adoption data.

mParticle Launches  Journeys

mParticle Journeys helps companies design audience sequences across multiple paths.

Zendesk Launches Conversational CRM and Employee Experience Solutions

Zendesk solutions put conversations at the center of CRM and help businesses deliver modern, personalized experience for today hybrid workers.

Pipedrive Launches Messaging Inbox and Integrations with WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and DocuSign

Integrations bring all customer conversations into Pipedrive and convert them into leads and deals.

Global Relay Updates Its Archive Platform

Global Relay's latest release enables control and flexibility for the multichannel hybrid workplace. (Featured on SmartCustomerService.com.)

Sprinklr Integrates with Amazon Connect

Sprinklr connects its Modern Care solution with Amazon Connect. (Featured on SmartCustomerService.com.)

RollWorks Integrates with Drift

RollWorks has launched a conversational chat integration with Drift.

Jabmo Expands ABM Platform with Sales Enablement and Salesforce Integration

Jabmo's ABM Platform now includes account-based reports and email alerts.

Oracle Adds Flytxt AI and Analytics to Digital Experience for Communications

Oracle's Digital Experience for Communications now provides product-centric insights and actionable customer intelligence from Flytxt.

Neustar Partners with Catalina

Catalina's real-time shopper intelligence is being combined with Neustar's Optimizer platform to deliver marketing insights for CPG companies.

Sabio Group Unveils Sabio Console, an AI-Powered Customer Experience Platform

Sabio Console integrates customer contact channels with conversational AI.

Optimove Acquires Kumulos

Optimove's acquisition of Kumulos allows it to expand the mobile capabilities of its marketing platform.

BigCommerce Releases Multi-Storefront

BigCommerce Multi-Storefront helps companies unify management of multiple brands and locations within a single store.

Mediafly Releases Revenue 360 Suite

Mediafly Revenue 360 suite offers solutions for sales enablement, revenue intelligence, value selling, and buyer engagement.

CommerceTools Launches commercetools for Growth

Commercetools for Growth provides a means for mid-market companies to create shopping experiences across channels.