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Government Customer Relationship Management (CRM) needs are different than those of businesses. They must serve the general public at large and not just profitable customers. CRM solutions for government use often need to integrate with existing government systems.

Explore our latest CRM news, analysis, and advice for governmental institutions.

Verint Portal Connects San Francisco Citizens to Services

SF311 is able to speed residents to the information they need

Access the ICMI Agent Experience Toolkit

To boost customer satisfaction and loyalty, you need your agents to stay engaged and motivated. But how? Access the ICMI Agent Experience Toolkit and to help you assess your current agent experience and discover ways you can improve.

The State of Customer Service Automation 2019

Insights from 75 million issues & 71 million bot interactions reveal how automation trends are driving customer service forward. Download this report to learn about the impact of customer service bots on standard contact center KPIs.

Buffalo Builds Resident Trust with CRM

Kana Software's Lagan Enterprise system revitalizes city services.

Genesys Bolsters Michigan Child Support Agency's Overhaul

Parents in need get improved access to services with new call center technology. (This article originally appeared in the Winter 2014 issue of Speech Technology.)

Toronto's Nerve Center Provides Easy Access

Canada's largest city improves customer service with Toronto 311.

Census Bureau Takes to the Cloud

Acumen's customized CRM application manages partner organizations and provides extensive reports

Rural Arizona Drives Home Service

Pinal County speeds responses and cuts costs by switching from a hosted to an on-premises contact center suite

Cincy’s Zoo Goes Ape for IBM

Cognos solution leads to 50,000 new visits and revenue growth

Ringing the Opening Bell

A financial-trading facility gets a new recording system in less than two weeks—and saves $292,000.

Cleaned-Up Visibility

Productivity improved with benchmarks for customer service.

Content Management Is for Lovers (and Clydesdales)

A government site fosters community love through a fresh Web upgrade.

When Disaster Doesn't Strike

Lagan Technologies helps Minneapolis launch a 311 system to provide information on municipal issues and nonemergency services.

BPM Speeds the Purchase Request Plow

"The customer understands we're looking for innovative ways to make processes easier...."