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An informed and personal touch is the key to successful relationships where money and investments are involved. Customer relationship management (CRM) solutions can address these issues. 

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CX Quality Falls for Second Straight Year

While four in five business leaders say improving CX is a high priority, only 6 percent have seen an increase, Forrester finds.

Forrester’s Brand Energy Leaders

The research firm identifies the companies with the most energized customer relationships and passionate advocates.

Marketing Budgets Beginning to Recover

Gartner sees marketing budgets rise as a percentage of revenue.

Pandemic Heightens the Need for Analytics

Companies want to know how COVID-19 changes consumer behavior

Gartner 2019 Magic Quadrant for Contact Center as a Service

In the 2019 Gartner Magic Quadrant report for CaaS, you'll learn how contact center solutions measure up. You will also discover why now might be the right time to update your contact center.

The Switching Economy Hits Home

Poor customer service accounts for most company defections.

Ovum Expects Home-Based Agents to Soar by 2017

The annual growth rate is twice that of the brick-and-mortar contact center outsourcing market.

Contact Center Satisfaction Dropped 10 Percent in 2013

Companies can rebound by providing more multichannel customer service options.

Card-Linked Marketing Delivers Personalization

Merchants and banks tie sales to past purchase behavior.

DMA13: Marketers Must Carefully Consider Big Data Strategies

Speakers suggest using unstructured data to keep customers' trust and to listen to their needs.

Is There Life After Death for Loyalty Points?

Colloquy report shows varying bequeathing policies for leading airline, hotel, and credit card loyalty programs.

Hesitation Hampers Banks' Social Media Opportunities

Many financial institutions are still not exploiting social media despite changing customer needs.

Financial Services: Brokers Yearn for Better CRM

Few firms use CRM systems to their full effect.

Banks Are Rethinking Their Outreach Strategies

The need for better communication is leading marketers to up their game.

Market Focus: Financial Services—Retail Banks Need an Overhaul

Changing consumers' habits requires financial institutions to sharpen their focus on service, according to report

Will Paperless Payments Take Off Among Customers?

Pitney Bowes and others reveal digital delivery service applications

Do You Know Your URLs?

Not every marketing effort includes a campaign-specific Web address -- but some of the ones that do aren't doing a very good job of connecting to the main brand.

Feedback: August 2009

Readers tell us what they think of "social" technologies.

On the Scene: New Beginnings from Within

Customer Experience Summit '09: Improving the customer experience starts with a hard look in the mirror.

Poking Holes in Attrition

Social networking has the potential to transform the day-to-day operations of customer service representatives.