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Marketing automation and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) can help organizations build better relationships with customers, both new and old. Explore tools, techniques, and marketing automation platforms for analyzing and responding to customer behavior with unique marketing. Browse our latest marketing automation news, analysis, and advice. 

What Will 2019 Bring for CRM?

Industry insiders share their predictions for the coming year

Required Reading: The Ultimate Guide to Becoming The Ultimate Sales Pro

Salespeople can get ahead by thinking ahead

The Post-Purchase Experience Is Essential to Retaining Customers

A recent report from BRP lays out eight best practices for retailers to improve the post-purchase experience

Required Reading: Competing on Customer Experience Requires a 'Growth IQ'

Companies still need to put customers first to grow their revenue

Unified Commerce Is Essential to Meeting Customer Expectations

BRP identifies five areas that retailers need to work on to develop a unified experience

Customers’ Elements of Value Affect Company Performance

In a new report, Bain & Company found that value elements directly influence revenue, market share, customer loyalty, and willingness to pay in 22 consumer categories

Don’t Expect Immediate Results with AI

A recent report from Forrester asserts that the benefits of AI in marketing will take time

Marketing’s Role Changes to Growth Creator

The CMO Council has set out five plays marketers need to adopt to grow revenue

Personal Digital Twins Look Like the Answer for Marketers

New technology holds the key for increasing personalization and reducing data risks

The Four Stages of Content Consumption

The content that B2B audiences consume reflects their position in the conversion funnel, research finds

An Empowered Workforce Needs a Culture of Engagement

Employee engagement, employee experience, and employee enablement have to come together

Hyper Relevance: Personalization’s Next Stage

Companies need to seek much greater relevance with customers, Accenture asserts

Marketing Budget Growth Stalls

After three years of increases, marketing leaders are now under pressure to show results

Required Reading: Get to Aha! About Your Company’s Identity

Knowing who you are as a company is the foundation of success

Marketers Must Watch Out for Video Ad Fraud

Video ad fraud is a threat, but companies can take precautions to protect their budgets and reputations

Canada Clamps Down on Spam

Companies are safe from lawsuits for now

Consumers Unsubscribe for Many Reasons

Companies can address these issues with a customer-first approach across all channels

It’s the End of the Ad as We Know It

Organizations should shift spending from ad interruptions to branded relationships

Marketers Must Protect Their Reputations in the Age of Fake News

Pressure is mounting on marketers to better control where their brand messages appear.

Improving the Marketer-Agency Model

Companies are just as much to blame for bad marketing relationships