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Integrating big data analysis, tools, and techniques into customer relationship management (CRM) can help organizations radically improve customer service and enhance the customer experience. Explore the latest tools, news, analysis, and advice on big data CRM.

AI-Powered Analytics Drives Real-Time Personalization

The hyper-personalization revolution will enable product recommendations based not only on past purchases but a customer's current mood, recent behavior, even the weather outside.

Generative AI Will Redefine Crucial Work Skills, but It Can’t Replace Human Expertise

GenAI signals new possibilities, and it's inevitable that certain tasks will be automated. But humans won't be replaced; instead, their roles will be elevated.

AI's Role in Accelerating Revenue: A Guide for Success

The sheer volume of customer data introduces speed and efficiency challenges, with human errors and slower processes hindering revenue growth. That's where AI comes in.

Why Consumers Are Demanding More from E-Commerce Companies

The key to e-commerce thriving this next year and beyond lies in adopting new strategies and technologies to meet consumers where they are. Interactivity is imperative.

Voice Commerce: Tapping into the Potential of Voice-Activated Shopping

Voice commerce offers a seamless, hands-free shopping experience by leveraging voice assistants, enhancing user convenience and personalization in e-commerce.

6 Viral B2B Marketing Campaigns From 2023 (and What We Can Learn From Them)

Here are some B2B marketing campaigns that made waves last year. Let their innovative approaches inspire your next marketing strategy.

Evaluating GenAI Solutions? Here Are 6 Things to Consider

Organizations need to make informed decisions about adopting this technology and leveraging it for business value immediately. Take a close look at these vital components.

Retailers Must Embrace Holiday Shopping’s Evolving Digital Landscape

Embracing change is not just advisable; it's essential to maintain relevance and ensure competitiveness.

The Future of CX: How AI-driven Conversation Intelligence Is Revolutionizing CRM

Generative AI can gather and process vast amounts of unstructured data and efficiently turn that into easily understandable and actionable insights.

First-Party Data Is the Most Valuable Resource Organizations Have—If They Can Activate It

First-party data will be critical for finding new customers once third-party cookies aren't present by default.

3 Ways Generative AI Will Transform Sales Force Automation Platforms

Generative AI will revolutionize the sales force automation platform, enabling sales leaders to unleash new insights, engage customers in new ways, and take a new approach to deal strategy.

Technology Is Creating New Ways to Sell to Prospects. Here’s How.

Sales automation tools can be integrated into the sales funnel to make sales tasks quicker and easier, allowing salespeople to spend more time personalizing their interactions with buyers.

The Value of Moving AI and Analytics to the Front Office

Various forms of AI and descriptive and predictive analytics have been used in the back office for decades, and we're now seeing them being brought into the front office to power personalization in customer engagement.

Sales Coaching for the Win: Rallying Your Reps to Optimize Performance and Drive Revenue

When sales leaders prioritize effective sales coaching—complete with cutting-edge technologies—they foster a culture that improves performance, increases productivity, and drives revenue results.

AI Can Help Eliminate Friction in the Customer Buying Journey

Discover how leveraging AI insights can help you identify and eliminate friction points in your customer journey to improve conversion rates, customer lifetime value, and brand reputation, ultimately resulting in a seamless and personalized customer experience.

4 Strategies for Owning the Entire Sales Funnel, From Creation to Close

Too many people these days have fallen into the erroneous belief that sales is a job that's practically impossible to do well.

The Key to Becoming a Recession-Resilient Startup

Paradoxically, recessions are often the times most ripe for opportunity. Industries are reflecting on what's working well, and what needs to change. And the business models that flounder often leave in their wake seismic market gaps just waiting to be closed.

Embracing the Customer-First Mentality

Learn how data-driven customer data can help marketers stand out in the era of digital transformation.

Is 'Phygital' the Future of CX?

Digital tools have upgraded how we shop, but physical experiences haven't lost value. Brands need to migrate toward CX strategies that integrate physical and digital touchpoints.

Digital Trust and the Contact Center’s Key Role

Establishing and maintaining digital trust is not just a competitive advantage, it is a business imperative. And the contact center can play a critical role in preserving consumers' trust.