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Modern CRM based support systems keep sales, marketing, and customer services connected across all of a telecom's many relationships and improve processes across various sales channels. Explore our latest CRM news, analysis, and advice for telecoms.

4 Ways Speech Analytics Can Build the Contact Center of the Future Right Now

To stay ahead in this challenging market, contact centers are turning to speech analytics technology to analyze customer interactions and ensure compliance at every step of the customer journey.

1-800-TEXT: Enable Your Toll-Free Number for SMS

Toll-free numbers need to go beyond voice to provide new competitive advantages for businesses while improving the customer experience.

Widespread Social Distancing Puts Remote Work in the Spotlight

Companies have little choice but to institute work-from-home policies in the current crisis. But as the benefits become clear, many firms might choose to stay remote as the rest of the world returns to the office.

The Downside of Automated Responses

Responsibility and strategy are key to using this growing technology.

The Role of Gamification in the Contact Center and Back Office

Gain more value from employees and customers with gamification processes.

Why Your Technical Support Services Are Holding You Back

Five reasons to hit the reset button on your customer service.

Building Mobile Sevice Loyalty

Self-service leads to one-on-one marketing.

Bilateral Customer Service

How to satisfy digital consumers and avoid damaging word of mouth

Mobile Commerce: It’s More Than Just an iPhone App

Understanding what mobile means for your business

Bringing Problems to Your Customer Service Team

If your customers don't bring YOU their problems, then where do they bring them?

CRM Is Only Half of the Story

Ensuring your sales team is on your side

Social Media Interaction a Challenge for Web 2.0 Sites Too

How companies can reap the benefits

Attributes of IT-Friendly Software for Multichannel Customer Service

Look for these traits to keep both your business and IT organizations happy

Not Your Average Call Center

Customer satisfaction versus offshore cost savings

Your Call Is Very Important to Us

What Watson means for the future of customer service

Are E-Communication and CRM Systems Helping or Hurting Your Business?

How to use innovation to your advantage

The Time to Act

The next step beyond social media monitoring.

Is Email Killing Your Business?

Electronic communications are meant to help manage relationships, not build them.

The Marriage of Mobile and Multichannel Marketing

Mobile's central role in the coming cross-channel revolution.

Tackling Tech Complexity

Focus on innovation and improving the customer experience.