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Retail customer relationship management (CRM) goes beyond maintaining contact data and transaction histories. A full-featured CRM for retailers can integrate point-of-sale (POS) system data to sketch a detailed picture of customers, sales goals, and the effectiveness of marketing campaigns. Explore our latest CRM news, analysis, and advice for everyone in retail sales.


From Buzzwords to Business Reality: How Composability Is Transforming Retail Tech

Composability, headless commerce, and microservices are transforming retail tech by enabling adaptable, modular architectures that empower businesses to meet digital transformation demands.

Retailers Need a Growth Framework That's Customer-Led, not Channel-Led

The notion of the customer journey that was built up over the past 10 years doesn't work anymore. Retailers need a new approach.

Boosting Customer Loyalty with Enhanced Payment Experiences

Positive payment experiences marked by speed, convenience, security, and flexibility increase the chances of return business.

Generative AI Ushers in Retail’s New Era

New generative AI tools still need plenty of development, but their ultimate potential could revolutionize retail customer engagement.

The Rise of Social Commerce: Redefining Retail in a Marketplace-Driven World

As social and marketplace shopping converge, retailers need to update their marketing strategies to reflect the new reality—such as the need for stronger brand protection, accessible and responsive customer service, and other new marketing strategies.

Prepare In-Store Employees for Tough Shoppers and Situations

The unexpected is now more expected than ever, and retailers should provide adequate training, establish clear policies, and make it easy for employees to collaborate across teams to prepare them for aggressive shoppers.

Voice Commerce: Tapping into the Potential of Voice-Activated Shopping

Voice commerce offers a seamless, hands-free shopping experience by leveraging voice assistants, enhancing user convenience and personalization in e-commerce.

Beyond Websites and Apps: Strategies for Maximizing Your Online Marketplace Presence

Even brands with extremely well-designed sites and apps may be missing out on a large portion of sales if they don't also have a strong marketplace presence.

6 Viral B2B Marketing Campaigns From 2023 (and What We Can Learn From Them)

Here are some B2B marketing campaigns that made waves last year. Let their innovative approaches inspire your next marketing strategy.

Retailers Must Embrace Holiday Shopping’s Evolving Digital Landscape

Embracing change is not just advisable; it's essential to maintain relevance and ensure competitiveness.

4 Ways to Show You’re Dedicated to Customer Happiness

Delight customers, drive business growth, and foster lasting loyalty by prioritizing appreciation, honesty, responsiveness, and ease of experience.

Cross-Border E-commerce Is Booming. Does Your Website Get It Right?

To build a thriving cross-border presence, brands and retailers must understand why consumers shop across borders and how to adapt their customer experience (CX) for different markets.

3 Benefits Brands Gain by Prioritizing Product Content

Strong product content creates a unified brand presence, decreases the likelihood of returns, and increases brand loyalty.

Composable Commerce: A Practical Option for CX Enrichment and Future-Proofing

A fully customizable commerce stack that delivers precisely tailored experiences and supports innovation has been the goal of composable commerce strategy. Now retailers seem ready to adopt the approach.

CX and Security Best Practices to Meet Customer Expectations This Year

Making adjustments in the areas of checkout, communication, data, and security can improve CX now and build better long-term customer relationships.

Power of Personalization: How Brands Can Individualize Customer Experiences

Consumers have come to appreciate the individualization of algorithm-powered product recommendations—and if anything, they want these interactions to be even more customized. Consistently achieving that is impossible without automation.

Building Brand Ambassadors: How to Boost CX Through Employee Empowerment

Brands and retailers alike will spend huge amounts on digital advertising and sponsored influence posts to promote their business, but too often they overlook the most valuable influencers already on their payrolls.

Immersive Employee Experiences Offer Organizations a Talent Advantage

Enhancing candidate and employee experiences can have benefits that go beyond making an organization more enticing.

Christmas in July: Planning the Holiday CX Strategy

Too early? Not this year; because of rising prices and continuing supply chain issues, retailers expect a longer, flatter holiday shopping season. Here's how to prepare.

How Experiential Personalization Can Shrink the Digital Shopping Aisle

Recognizing intent, motivation, and interest and aligning experiences accordingly are cost-effective strategies that shorten purchase paths.