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Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is not new, but many many companies in the pharmaceutical and chemical industries are still working to implement solutions and strategies designed to inspire customer loyalty and maintain growth.  Explore our latest CRM news, analysis, and advice for chemical and pharmaceutical companies.


Where Is CX Headed in 2021? 3 Predictions for the Year Ahead

The digital transformation hastened by 2020 will lead companies to continue catering to the connected customer experience lifestyle.

4 Tips for Maximizing Your CRM Investment

An executive at Zephyr Health details how companies in the life sciences industry can drive a higher return on their CRM technology investment, tips that are applicable to companies in any industry.

Enabling Social Collaboration with Social Compliance

Monitoring, tracking, and reporting for risk management.

Talking the Talk — Before the Sale

The execution of live chat can make or break the conversion.

Let the Customers In

Get customers involved in your decision-making with on-demand enterprise content management.

Here's to Your e-Health

Why consumers need to examine the full story on Electronic Health Record privacy.

Your Marketing Campaign Needs a Second Opinion

Alternative communication channels in healthcare marketing.

The Overstuffed Inbox

A decline in email responsiveness creates enormous opportunity.

Crafting a Strong Sales Contract

Well-written contracts are key to protecting your business.

Is Your Customer Base at Risk?

Protect your existing business, especially in tough times.

Speed Up Sales in a Slow Economy

Focus on lead quality and refined marketing spend to get the job done.

Brand Perception 2.0

Using the Internet, text, and other sources for insight.

End Shopping-Cart Abandonment

Optimize e-commerce with purchase incentives.

Discover the Agile Business Within

How data discovery improves agility.

Electronic Invoicing Gets the Job Done Efficiently

Paperless payments reduce staff support, errors, and overpayments.

How to Close a Sale--Fast

The pharmaceutical industry collects a tremendous volume of information about physicians and the prescriptions they write. The challenge lies in making sense of the prescription statistics and other aspects of physician profiles.