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Customer Relationship Management (CRM) data analytics, or customer analytics, is a critical element of CRM. Learn to quickly identify and solve customer-facing business problems by collecting, organizing, and analyzing customer data captured throughout an organization. Explore our latest customer analytics news, analysis, and advice.

Why AI Contextualization Is Key for Modern Customer Experiences

Here's what to know about enabling AI to shape your voice, virtual assistant, and chatbot brand experiences around customer contextualization: the ability to understand what a customer wants immediately at a particular moment.

CX and Security Best Practices to Meet Customer Expectations This Year

Making adjustments in the areas of checkout, communication, data, and security can improve CX now and build better long-term customer relationships.

CX Leaders Need to Go Beyond Their Comfort Zones to Navigate 2023

Customer experience pros have to help their organizations become more resilient.

The CX Leader's Evolution and Business Impact

The new customer experience officers will come from within the organization, operators who understand how company technology, data, and design choices will lead to a better understanding of customers.

3 Steps for Building Loyalty with Social Media Marketing

It's not the size of your follower base but how engaged your followers are. Here's how to development healthy social media engagement with your customers.

5 CRM Tips for Winning Over Your Customers

Here's how to elevate customer service, sales, and the rest of your business operations.

To Get the Most From Your CDP, Ask These 3 Questions

Most CDPs are great at providing insights into segments and near-real-time granular segments. Operationalizing those segments to drive business results is a different matter.

4 Steps to Getting More Customer Referrals

Establishing a robust customer referral program that provides a seamless process for customers to easily share their experience is the key.

How Hyper-Personalization Can Recession-Proof Your Business

Organizations need a hyper-personalization strategy to meet customers where they are and give them consistent, omnichannel experiences that offer true value.

CX Personalization: How to Unlock Brand Loyalty in 2023:

As brands see customers demand a more comprehensive CX journey, personalization is a key aspect to offering a tailored experience and strengthening brand loyalty.

Power of Personalization: How Brands Can Individualize Customer Experiences

Consumers have come to appreciate the individualization of algorithm-powered product recommendations—and if anything, they want these interactions to be even more customized. Consistently achieving that is impossible without automation.

4 Things to Know When Entering the Expert Economy

Advances in technology have significantly lowered the barrier for people looking to leverage their knowledge and expertise to go into business for themselves.

Data Is the Untapped Source Needed for Successful Customer Intimacy

The key is knowing the "right" data to gather, to focus on, or to use in decision-making—and using it in a way that ultimately builds and sustains a continued cycle of customer loyalty and growth.

How Technology Is Transforming the Sales Team

As the digital-first workplace becomes more widespread, sellers are evolving how they sell and new technology is facilitating the rapid transformation of the traditional B2B sales environment.

What Consumer Shifts in Data Ownership and Brand Engagement Mean for Marketers

Marketing trends are evolving at a challenging pace, and data privacy changes are calling for marketing teams to future-proof their success.

What I Learned Designing a CRM from Scratch

If you're not careful, you can quickly end up with a mess on your hands.

How to Address the Challenges of CRM Adoption

Better education and innovations like AI and mobility will make CRM platforms more likely to stick.

Digital Twins: A Marketer's Guide

Digital twins can help companies guide customers to the ideal outcomes on their journey rather than forcing them down a predefined path.

3 Best Practices for Turning Customer Data Into Marketing Insights

With the sheer scope of data being generated, how can you best use consumer data for marketing to create a consumer experience that's relevant and useful?

Are Consumer Buying Behaviors Based on Conformity?

Thanks to herd mentality, a small but influential set of customers can cause a stampede among the rest.