Zappix Relieves Contact Center Stress: The 2019 CRM Service Rising Stars Awards

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While its focus has mostly been on visual IVR technology designed to relieve the cognitive burden on customers, Zappix has expanded its focus toward automated solutions that also relieve pressures on contact centers.

The company, which is based in Burlington, Mass., launched Service Interruption Management in February to lighten the load on utility providers’ call centers during service interruptions. It uses visual IVR to provide customers with simple digital self-service solutions that do not require agent input. Automatic service updates maintain continuous communication between the utilities and their customers while reducing the number of calls that live agents need to answer, thereby cutting costs and the need for additional staffing.

A month earlier, Zappix launched the Pre/Post Procedure Reminders solution for healthcare providers. Part of the company’s Healthcare Suite, the solution enables healthcare providers to help patients with timely appointment reminders, important information about upcoming procedures, and more, with the goal of improving treatments, reducing rescheduling, and enhancing the overall patient experience. Information can be relayed via text message, email, or phone calls. Messages are processed using Zappix’s robotic process automation (RPA) engine, which analyzes the patient’s medical information to craft individual reminders as needed.

In December, Zappix added actionable analytics capabilities to its Analytics Suite. The capabilities allow companies to automate certain actions based on predefined parameters that are constantly monitored by Zappix bots.

And in September, Zappix added outbound engagement tools to its digital self-service platform. These tools allow users to automatically send scheduled, personalized messages to individual consumers or lists of consumers, with an eye on increasing productivity and reducing costs.

Zappix expanded its reach in a number of other ways with key partnerships throughout the year. This includes a deal with C-Zentrix, a provider of customer experience management software, to deliver a comprehensive, cloud-based customer solution equipped with next-generation self-service capabilities.

Zappix also sought to grow its long-standing visual IVR through partnership with e-commerce company Radial, enterprise contact center provider Talkdesk, and Synergy Organisational Solutions, a consultancy services provider. Each of these partnerships grows awareness of visual IVR technology and makes the solution available to a wider array of new customers.

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