• August 28, 2017
  • By Leonard Klie, Editor, CRM magazine and SmartCustomerService.com

The 2017 CRM Market Rising Stars: Marchex

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In the past few months, Marchex, a Seattle-based mobile advertising analytics company, has seen a tremendous leadership shake-up, but through it all, the company has maintained its laser focus on helping companies increase revenue through intelligence on the inbound phone calls they receive. At the same time, it managed to continue accelerating product development, expanding key partnerships, and opening new markets. 

Perhaps the most significant release for the company, which was founded in 2003, was its February launch of the Marchex Omnichannel Analytics Cloud. Omnichannel Analytics Cloud helps marketers connect customer conversions driven from paid media channels—including search, display, video, social media, and websites—to inbound phone calls. A unique partnership with Facebook gives users access to information about what happens on phone calls that stem from Facebook ads. 

The past year also saw Marchex sign key partnership and integration deals with Adobe, Google’s DoubleClick, and [24]7. The Adobe deal, signed in July, links Marchex’s call analytics with Adobe Analytics Cloud to help marketers personalize website offers, build and target audience segments based on specific products or offers mentioned during phone calls, and boost retention efforts. Under the partnership with [24]7, which was announced last December, the Marchex Analytics platform feeds data into the [24]7 Customer Acquisition Cloud and [24]7 Predictive Search Bidding. Marchex’s integration with Google DoubleClick Campaign Manager enables marketers to upload Marchex Display Analytics data into DoubleClick and attribute inbound phone calls to digital and mobile advertising.

Marchex had just launched Display and Video Analytics in December.

Among the company’s other product launches in the past year was its mid-July release of Marchex Audience Targeting, which leverages call data to automatically build high-value audience segments for display and social media platforms like Facebook. Marketers can then fine-tune campaigns down to specific audience segments that are most likely to convert or find new segments and opportunities that haven’t been targeted before.

Marchex also released Search Essentials, an update of its Search Analytics product. Marchex Search Essentials attributes every inbound phone call to paid search keywords. 

Search Essentials provides marketers with access to Marchex speech technology, which got a boost in April with the launch of Marchex Speech Analytics. That product analyzes phone call dialogues to identify opportunities for retargeting, lost opportunities, high intent calls, references to specific products or promotions, agent script adherence, and more.

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