• July 25, 2016
  • By Leonard Klie, Editor, CRM magazine and SmartCustomerService.com

The 2016 CRM Market Rising Stars: SalesPredict Finds Targeted Leads for B2B Companies

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As its name suggests, SalesPredict is all about helping B2B marketing and sales teams increase revenue by identifying their best prospects and accounts. Predictive analytics is at the heart of the effort, but new this year is an adaptive model that enables systems to detect and adapt to changes before their impacts are felt. SalesPredict combined that with its first foray into account-based marketing (ABM).

Such is the case with its new Predictive Demand Generation product, released in March. The technology draws data from marketing automation systems such as Marketo, Eloqua, and Hubspot, and from CRM systems, and combines it with data from the Web and other sources, such as third-party lists. It scores each lead on the likelihood of success, provides insights into the factors behind the scores, and segments audiences accordingly.

Yaron Zakai-Or, cofounder and CEO of SalesPredict, says the release is the first in a planned series of moves to build a fully automated, predictive ABM solution.

“Everyone is buzzing about ABM, but no one is addressing the critical question: how to dynamically identify the right accounts to focus on in the first place—the ones statistically most likely to buy from you,” he says.

Other releases from the company, founded in 2012, include the Predictive Revenue Automation Platform; it features automated predictive advertising via AdRoll, providing a streamlined approach to ABM, retargeting, and predictive demand generation. It supports display network and Facebook advertising, with Twitter on tap.

SalesPredict also created interactive dashboards that show companies the microsegments driving their best lead and opportunity conversions and the key factors behind their lead scores.

Plus, SalesPredict’s partnership with Oracle means that its predictive lead and account scoring is available in the Oracle Cloud Marketplace.

The company also teamed up with TechnologyAdvice, a B2B demand generation service provider, to enable B2B marketers to buy targeted, predictively scored leads from TechnologyAdvice. This partnership enables TechnologyAdvice to use SalesPredict scoring models to provide predictively scored leads based on customers’ specific sales conversion histories. According to Daniel Percey, TechnologyAdvice’s chief revenue officer, the alliance enables TechnologyAdvice to provide clients with new leads that are two to four times more likely to buy from them. 

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