Terminus Software Has No End in Sight for Its ABM Strategy: The 2020 CRM Rising Star Awards

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Terminus Software, a pioneer in the account-based marketing (ABM) space, this year made several key acquisitions that have caused the CRM industry to take notice. With a new CEO and executive chairman at the helm in Tim Kopp, the Atlanta-based company in December acquired Sigstr, a fellow ABM vendor.

The addition of Sigstr is helping Terminus, which was founded in 2014, create an end-to-end account-centric marketing platform based on intent, engagement, and relationship data. With the combined solutions, revenue teams can determine their best-fit segments, use relationship intelligence to identify priority accounts, align account-centric messaging across the entire customer life cycle, identify next best actions for execution, and integrate employee email marketing into account-based programs to unlock a new channel of engagement for target accounts.

“Connecting our solution and the data insights it provides to the Terminus account-based platform activates an untapped channel that changes how businesses engage with target accounts,” said Bryan Wade, Sigstr’s CEO, in a statement.

Technology gained in the Sigstr acquisition also allowed Terminus in March to update its ABM platform with additional engagement opportunities, better data, and more powerful ways of interpreting that data. The upgraded platform includes dynamic web personalization, lead-to-account matching, account engagement scoring, a new ABM Scorecard, and integration with Google Analytics.

Then in April Terminus acquired Ramble, an account-based chat solutions provider. That addition is enabling businesses to deploy real-time, account-based conversations across the entire customer journey directly within the Terminus platform, powered by Terminus’s account intelligence. Users can also add on-page chat capabilities; route conversations to the most relevant employees; qualify leads and collect data using chatbots and workflows; and connect advertising and brand activities directly to sales conversations from a single platform.

“Native chat is a game changer for our customers as we help them drive full-funnel engagement,” Kopp said in a statement at the time. “We’re in the middle of a major industry shift. Marketers want all-in-one platforms over best-of-breed integrations because, at the end of the day, integrations can only do so much. Now with Ramble, our customers can personally engage target audiences at any stage of the funnel.”

Then in July, Terminus launched Engagement Hub, an all-in-one full-funnel ABM platform that combines data and attribution capabilities with advertising, email, web, and chat experiences. Terminus Engagement Hub helps companies run coordinated, multichannel marketing campaigns. Engagement Hub also brings together Terminus Chat and adds a host of enhancements to existing capabilities, including Trended ABM Scorecards and new target account list-building rules in a unified interface.

Bryan Wade, Terminus’s chief product officer, said in a statement that the Terminus Engagement Hub will allow companies to “own every point of engagement with target audiences and track all activity at the account level in a single platform,” making full-funnel ABM “easier than ever.”

Darryl Praill, chief revenue officer at VanillaSoft, called the Terminus Engagement Hub “a dream come true for revenue teams,” noting further that Terminus “is the modern marketing platform of choice for teams looking to target and engage the best-fit accounts across the entire funnel.”

And just last month, Terminus integrated its technology with Salesforce’s Pardot B2B marketing automation platform. The integration enables marketers to drive a full-funnel, account-centric strategy with shared data, improved analytics, advanced reporting, data hygiene, and lead-to-account mapping capabilities.

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