• January 1, 2007
  • By Colin Beasty, (former) Associate Editor, CRM Magazine

Tech Solution: Quality Monitoring Tools

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Your business is increasingly challenged to capture, manage, and learn more from the complete range of customer interactions in your contact center, while maintaining quality service levels. Quality management remains a priority, but you expect your center to function strategically by not only cutting costs and driving sales, but also by providing customer intelligence about products, services, and processes. NICE Perform Delivery Model: installed software Price: Pricing ranges from several hundred to thousands of dollars per seat depending on configuration. Business Benefits: Using predefined rule sets, NICE automatically scores every recorded interaction, identifying calls that do not meet predefined quality requirements such as long holds, multiple transfers, silent periods, and the use of inappropriate language by agents or customers. The system then alerts managers to take action, such as bridging an agent's knowledge gaps, or getting to the root of the problem. Functionality: NICE Perform captures both voice and screen interactions, analyzes them against predefined rules, and stores what is necessary, pinpointing relevant calls based on needs and privileges. Cross-media (traditional and VoIP calls, agent screens, IVR feedback, email, and Web) capture of customer interactions is automatically stored for analysis. Supervisors and agents have access to this feedback information via a customizable portal.
Contact: NICE Systems at 1-201-964-2600; or visit www.nice.com Verint ULTRA IntelliQuality Delivery Model: installed software Price: The base price is $300 per seat. Business Benefits: Using analytics, IntelliQuality categorizes calls that are then recorded into smart-inbox systems. These inboxes contain customer interactions related to issues of most concern to managers and executives. IntelliQuality automatically populates data, changes forms based on the types of calls and specific answers, and enhances quality workflow within the contact center, allowing supervisors to spend more time coaching and guiding agents and less time performing evaluations. Functionality: IntelliQuality allows contact centers to design a universal quality form with dynamic segments, each specifically targeted to a different type of customer interaction. Using visibility options, supervisors can choose to include or exclude questions based on their relevance, and automatically adjust the scoring methodology to reflect the type of interaction being evaluated. For example, if the evaluator answers yes to Was there an upsell opportunity?, the entire Selling Skills set of questions will automatically appear without the supervisor being required to change forms. Contact: Verint at 1-631-962-9600; email at info@verint.com; or visit www.verint.com Witness Systems Impact 360 Delivery Model: installed software Price: Witness Systems Impact 360 starts at $540 per agent seat. Optional functions are available at an additional cost. Business Benefits: Impact 360 Quality Monitoring, a part of the Impact 360 workforce optimization solution, combines call recording functionality with performance management and actionable learning capabilities. Call center managers can capture, evaluate, retrieve, and learn from customer interactions across multiple channels and sites to monitor the performance levels of CSRs. Functionality: Impact 360 lets users share contacts containing customer intelligence and competitive insight across multiple contact center sites. Managers can analyze KPI variances among agents and contact centers, and drive best practices by turning customer interaction recordings into training. Time is saved and productivity increased by automating the process of assigning and delivering learning. Impact 360 also helps managers identify customer contact trends using structured tags or using speech analytics functionality to reveal customer trends and opportunities. Contact: Witness Systems at 1-888-3-WITNESS; or visit www.witness.com. Contact Assistant Editor Colin Beasty at cbeasty@destinationCRM.com.
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