• October 10, 2013

WhitePages Launches PRO Platform for Business Users

WhitePages, a provider of contact information for people and businesses, today officially opened its WhitePages PRO platform to the marketplace. WhitePages PRO, which was initially introduced to select customers in 2012, provides business users with a full 360-degree view of their customers, helping online merchants detect fraud and validate customer identity, call centers to decrease average handle times, and marketers to validate and prioritize customer leads.

The upgraded platform, available via Web interface and API, now identifies millions more addresses and people that correspond with mobile phone numbers, providing increased intelligence about a person's location information beyond what was available in the early WhitePages PRO offering, and helping businesses to better validate customers' identities.

The new WhitePages PRO platform includes the following:

  • Contact Graph: a technology and data infrastructure that connects people, addresses, and various cell and landline phone numbers. It allows companies to validate user identities, eliminate fraudulent information, and enrich legitimate leads.
  • Mobile to Address Data: The WhitePages Contact Graph organizes information from multiple data sources, including millions of newlyadded addresses, to associate mobile phone numbers with full addresses when available.
  • Identity score functionality, which automatically analyzes customer data by running it through WhitePages' Contact Graph to assess the validity of the customer identity. The identity score product then leverages WhitePages' proprietary data and algorithms to present a convenient score that helps determine what action to take next.

"While WhitePages.com is the most popular site for contact information on the Web, it is designed for consumers, not businesses," said Alex Algard, founder and CEO of WhitePages, in a statement. "We built WhitePages PRO in response to an overwhelming demand for a solution designed to specifically help business users achieve a wide spectrum of goals, from increasing efficiencies to decreasing fraud."

Companies participating in the early beta release have reported a 20 percent decrease in manual review query volume when using WhitePages PRO, which is expected to increase with adoption of the new platform. Call centers leveraging WhitePages PRO have reported an average of 30 seconds of decreased customer service call durations.

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