• May 22, 2013

Verint Introduces Business Impact Solutions

Verint Systems today unveiled several new business solutions designed to help organizations better meet their revenue generation, customer loyalty, and cost containment goals across the enterprise.

Part of the Impact 360 Workforce Optimization suite, the new Verint Business Impact Solutions include Cost-to-Serve, Call Avoidance, and Service Recovery. These three new offerings complement the Personalized Guidance solution, launched within the suite earlier this year.

These solutions are designed to help operational leaders improve critical key performance indicators (KPIs) by leveraging Voice of the Customer (VoC) Analytics capabilities to automate call tagging, quantify call drivers, and identify coaching opportunities. When these solutions are blended into quality assurance and monitoring processes, they can help replace anecdotal-driven decision making with strategic decisions based on hard data.

Cost-to-Serve: The Verint Cost-to-Serve solution is designed to help reduce the cost of providing service to customers without negatively impacting or eroding customer satisfaction by aligning quality initiatives with the voice of the customer. By providing operations managers with an end-to-end view of the drivers of expensive calls, Cost-to-Serve delivers the capabilities needed to trend the impact particular topics have on critical KPIs, surface new areas of concern, shift and better align the focus of coaching initiatives, and quantify the ROI of specific initiatives.

Call Avoidance: Verint's Call Avoidance solution is designed to maximize first call resolution, help eliminate self-service failures, and identify new opportunities for self-service by leveraging the automatic discovery of insights collected from calls. Call Avoidance not only provides the capabilities needed to understand the drivers of disproportionate calls to the contact center, it also helps operations managers build the business case to engage the back office to help address external drivers or business partners related to self-service failures.

Service Recovery: The Verint Service Recovery solution provides executives with a multi-pronged approach to minimize customer churn by identifying calls where customers are at risk and interactions where customers require post-call outreach. Service Recovery can help focus agent coaching efforts on how to respond to attrition risks, and help executives leverage existing quality and coaching programs to track at-risk issues that contribute to attrition, such as poor service, non-performing products, and fee dissatisfaction.

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