• July 16, 2014

Lyris Launches Three Digital Marketing Apps for Its Customer Communications Platform

Though big-name vendors including Salesforce.com, Oracle, and Adobe have developed marketing clouds that promise all-in-one solutions and highly integrated functionality, most organizations aren't ready to abandon their legacy systems and trade them in for a more holistic model. As the volume of customer data continues to expand, however, managing a marketing ecosystem made up of multiple vendors is becoming increasingly difficult. With the development of its open customer communications platform, email and digital marketing provider Lyris is trying to tackle that challenge.

"The reality is different than the rhetoric," Lyris CMO Alex Lustberg says. "Even through thorough consolidation and integration, it's impossible for a single cloud to meet all of a marketer's needs and deliver all of the solutions they require, especially because most of these stacks aren't built on open standards," he adds.

Lyris' open platform accelerates marketers' ability to embed digital messaging across their preferred marketing technology ecosystem, and the applications that run on the platform are designed to facilitate that process. Part of an entire series of mini applications that Lyris plans to launch, the first set will provide data integration capabilities, engagement analytics, and email sender reputation monitoring functionality, Lustberg explains.

The mini applications include Lyris Data Mapper, a tool designed to connect rich customer data and marketing intelligence contained within the Lyris ecosystem to third-party cloud sales and marketing systems, including Salesforce.com; Lyris Reputation Monitor, a charting interface that graphically illustrates Lyris' proprietary mail score, helps marketers manage email reputation based on the success rate of email campaigns, and enhances the workflow-integrated capabilities of Lyris' email delivery management console; and Lyris Advanced Engagement Analytics, an app that automatically generates insights that enrich the customer profile with email interaction data as well as with geo-location and mobile usage metrics.

What makes these applications powerful is that they are a step toward making one-to-one marketing realistically achievable, Akin Arikan, senior director of product marketing at Lyris, says. "Marketers need flexibility to attain that ultimate goal of truly one-to-one marketing. They need to be able to connect old and new solutions, and they need a way for all those solutions to communicate effectively with each other, delivering useful analytics and insight that paint a full picture of the customer. That's how they'll be able to create meaningful customer experiences across every touch point," he says.

With several more app launches to come, Lustberg says it's Lyris' commitment to democratizing data that's key for the company's direction. "The open platform is the really exciting aspect here," he says, "because the apps that we've developed and are working on developing are just leveraging its capabilities. Ultimately it's a powerful tool that allows marketers to innovate more quickly and build their own ecosystem on our platform. It's all about democratizing access to the tools they need to reach their customers effectively."

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