LevelEleven Adds Metrics-Driven Tools to its Sales Activity Management

LevelEleven, provider of a sales activity management system, today bolstered its platform with metrics to help drive sales performance.

According to Bob Marsh, CEO and founder of LevelEleven, the tools aim to address a problem common to many sales organizations: controlling, and interpreting, their data to drive results. While CRM systems provide access to reports and dashboards populated wtih recorded activity, Marsh notes, they often do not provide instructions on how to react to data.

LevelEleven's updated system enables sales professionals to focus on the key activities that will lead to increased revenue, Marsh says, noting that the solution is customized by each company to set the key peformance indicators (KPIs) it wants to focus on. The platform can even help to inspire a corporate culture that stresses high-quality performance, he says, as it provides One-on-One and Weekly Sales Meeting Scorecards—what Marsh calls a "significant upgrade" to LevelEleven's Scorecard solution—to give leaders insight into the areas in which employees require coaching.

The Scorecards feature "enables a sales manager to have a full, transparent, consistent view of the salesperson,” Marsh says. “So when they're running their weekly sales meeting, instead of just talking about what's closing this month, and getting aggressive with sales teams about that, they can really have an objective set of metrics that they're managing everybody around. It gets the team fully aligned and regularly viewing the main activities that they are supposed to be focusing on day-to-day."

Other new features include the Early Warning System, which uses a pacing algorithm to track progress and works to notify managers when their team members have slipped and aren't on pace to meet goals for a given sales period. The Performance Index feature assigns a score to each rep according to how their performance measures up against sales goals. And the Focus Box outlines the areas salespeople need to improve in order to close more deals.

Marsh says that "the ROI out of [the solution] is pretty significant and immediate,” and points to Paycor, a provider of payroll technologies, as an early success story. Janet Jansen, director of high-velocity sales at Paycor—which has, she says, an employee base of 1,300—noted in a statement that the technology has allowed her to "course-correct in real time," and thus reduce the "noise" so that reps could focus their attention to critical activities. "The overall value is that I have individual salespeople that sell more and are productive faster." Jansen also noted that the number of scheduled sales meetings has increased by 45 percent and the time needed for new hire orientation has been cut in half, from six months to three months.

"Companies invest a lot of money in their CRM system, but they invest an enormous amount more in their salespeople," Marsh says. "People struggle and get lost in the day-to-day noise, and don't end up spending time where it really matters. When a company starts using our system, salespeople immediately react and change their behavior. That's why companies like Paycore—when they start using our system—the salespeople start getting more focused on setting up initial prospect appointments and minding sales opportunities. Because they're reminded."

LevelEleven's platform integrates with Salesforce.com's Lightning CRM system. It is available for $60 per user per month, both for salespeople and managers, with an annual contract. Marsh notes that companies can sign up for an additional consulting service for help in determining which KPIs to select when configuring their systems.

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