Jivox Adds Personalized Video Advertising to Jivox IQ

Jivox, a provider of digital advertising and marketing solutions, bolstered its Jivox IQ platform today with tools that aim to help brand marketers create dynamic videos that adapt to the preferences of each viewer and ultimately lead to more successful campaigns.

While it's no secret that video is a popular and ever-growing medium for marketers, practitioners haven't had easy access to technology that enables personalization at scale, says Diaz Nesamony, Jivox's CEO. With digital display ads, companies can adjust product imagery, pricing details, and brand messages, Nesamony says, but those adustments are harder to pull off in video format, as they typically require resources and configurations that extend beyond a marketer's expertise.

Jivox’s updated IQ platform—which already includes data-driven tools for creating personalized digital display ads—provides self-service functions that enable marketers to easily generate and distribute malleable videos within one program. From within Jivox IQ, users can generate different variations of a video, drawing from customer data to create combinations of image, text, and video to align each version with the affinities of the user. For instance, an automobile manufacturer might have a portion of a video where it highlights a product for specific audience segments. It can draw from third-party data, browsing history, contextual data (e.g. weather or location), or CRM data to discover the best edit for a particular customer. If the customer lives by the beach and is single, the video might show him a convertible rather than an SUV, and perhaps the local dealership, its contact details, and the price.

Since the decision about what each customer sees "happens within a few milliseconds," Nesamony says, making it manually is practically impossible. "And even if you did, chances are it wouldn't be done at the speed it needs to be done and delivered correctly." Furthermore, creating each of the specific videos for each customer is likely out of an organization's budget.

Nesamony points out that marketers who wish to post their video ads on social media can decide whether the clips should begin automatically, without requiring users to click the play button to activate them, or manually, and whether they should be muted or unmuted. Marketers can also place the videos directly into a site's native content and program them to start when a customer has scrolled to the portion of the page where they're located. The platform also can work in the moment to superimpose custom display ads onto the videos.

Nesamony summed up adaptable video's advantages in a statement:

"Instead of delivering the same video ad to each viewer, marketers now have the power to deliver video campaigns every bit as personalized as their display ad counterparts—and with equal ability to exponentially increase user engagement and improve campaign performance." 

And Tim Bagwell, senior vice president of Jivox partner Xaxis Ad Labs, said in a statement that dynamic video advertising marked a significant development in digital marketing: 

"With Jivox’s platform, brands can engage in near one-to-one conversations with hundreds of thousands of individual audience members in a similar fashion to programmatic creative display executions. With these new tools, digital marketers no longer have to sacrifice the power of audience targeting and personalization to employ video, the most effective medium for connecting audiences to brands."

In future versions of the platform, Nesamony says, the goal will be to harness more data to further boost the relevance of the video ads. This means incorporating more social data and triggers. And "there may be some interesting tie-ins with what's happening on TV," Nesamony adds. "Our sense is that video advertising is really an extension of TV advertising."

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