• February 5, 2016
  • By Leonard Klie, Editor, CRM magazine and SmartCustomerService.com

BrightFunnel Launches Account-Based Marketing Analytics

BrightFunnel, provider of a revenue attribution and forecasting platform, today launched Account-Based Marketing (ABM) Analytics to help B2B marketers measure and optimize their account-based marketing efforts in the context of all of their marketing initiatives.

Damon Waldron, director of demand generation at BrightFunnel, says the value of ABM Analytics is simple to explain: Account-based marketing, which goes after specific accounts and specific people at those accounts with very personalized messaging, "is expensive to do, so it had better work."

ABM Analytics, which is built on the BrightFunnel multitouch attribution platform, lets marketers "understand the full breadth of their ABM efforts and what impact they are having," Waldron adds. It lets marketers see which channels are driving engagement and how channels and campaigns can be optimized to work better together. Among the insights provided by ABM Analytics are conversion rate and speed to conversion.  

Other elements of BrightFunnel's solution include the following:

  • ABM Engagement Overview: This allows users to track engagement against all target accounts and measure how engagement rate changes over time.
  • Account Snapshot: This allows users to drill down into individual accounts to get a clear picture of the impact of their marketing efforts on the account level. Users can also assess the account's Engagement Fingerprint to see which channels drive engagement and the kind of contacts they're reaching at those accounts.
  • A/B Testing: This allows users to compare ABM test groups against control groups to see if their ABM tactics are actually working. Users can also A/B test ABM versus non-ABM approaches to find an optimal balance.
  • Channel/Campaign Performance: This allows users to actively measure and manage all of their ABM channels and campaigns with a window into the metrics that matter.
  • ABM Executive Dashboard: Users can now see at a glance if ABM is helping deals close faster or increasing conversions. They can also layer in dashboard tiles for immediate understanding of the whole marketing picture, including marketing impact on pipeline and lead generation.

The BrightFunnel platform delivers one place for marketers to fully measure all of their marketing efforts, whether ABM or traditional demand generation, something that Waldron points out is only now starting to become possible.

"Marketing attribution is an exciting world right now. For a long time, marketers accepted that they could only get so much with attribution. Now, they can understand the full value of all of their marketing initiatives," he says.

"In the past couple of years, we've really seen ABM come into prominence," Waldron adds. "The technology has finally caught up. Five to 10 years ago, this would have been too onerous."

Still, for all its advantages, ABM might not be right for everyone. Because it is so specialized and targeted, companies with tens of thousands of accounts would probably not stand to benefit, he says.

"ABM is like fishing with a spear instead of fishing with a net," he says. "And now, we've reached a point where certain companies can see really good returns from ABM."

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