Avention Upgrades its OneSource Platform

Avention, creator of OneSource Solutions, today announced upgrades to its OneSource platform, including a new user interface (UI) designed to quickly surface prospect-related insights and dashboards that aim to help marketers and research teams improve user engagement and ultimately align their behaviors with overall business strategy.

According to Phil McWade, director of product management at Avention, account-based marketing and sales strategies are highly dependent on the speed with which companies can view the customer information that enables them to take action. Because of this, OneSource platform's remodeled interface intends to bring predictive indicators to the end user's attention in a timely fashion, enabling them to gain a more complete view of changes within their most valuable accounts.

The updated platform includes simplified search and list-building options, as well as the ability to customize desktops to each user's liking. The information contained in OneSource is continuously refreshed and brings developments to the attention of users through push notifications.

Within the platform, sales and marketing managers can access admin dashboards that help them understand how individual team members are using the product to drive customer engagement, as the system assigns scores based on an aggregate score. The scores, McWade points out, take into account factors such as profile completion and the extent to which users have personalized and made use of various features. One goal of the dashboards is to enhance team-member adoption and usage, since the dashboards provide best practices for improving team member performance to meet the standards set by team leaders. Administators can communicate with team members from within the interface, to encourage them to take certain actions within their accounts, McWade says.

OneSource is CRM compatible, and the new version includes MAP connectors that tightly integrates its list-building capabilities, and automates the process of importing lead data into CRM workflows. McWade points out that companies can reduce the amount of information they require each potential client to fill out on Web landing pages, as Avention's technologies can match and enrich profiles with other data points, including their industry information, sales triggers, and other insights into their companies and contacts.

A factor that helps Avention stand out from competitors, McWade notes, is in its approach to data aggregation, as it collects data from more than 100 "best-of breed" sources. Some specialize in regional financial information; others might specialize in providing accurate email addresses. "We look at the best potential set of partners," McWade says, and choose the best ones to work with. Because the vendor works with so many different sources, it can compare them to ensure accuracy. "A lot of our competitors are their own data aggregators," McWade says.

Steve Pogorzelski, CEO of Avention, said in a statement that the upgrade's goal is a "more intuitive 360-degree view" of the customer:

"The customer experience is paramount to user adoption, productivity, and ultimately sales and marketing success. Based on customer feedback, we enhanced our OneSource platform to deliver a more intuitive 360-degree view of customer and prospect information. The introduction of our new usage dashboards will not only drive user engagement, it will also validate the connection between our solution and our customers' success."

The OneSource platform is available along with other OneSource Solutions, including the OneSource ABM platform, which was released in April.

According to McWade, future versions of the product will be released later this year, during Q3 and Q4. These will include enhanced notification capabilities, a suite of APIs that allow users to import data to homegrown systems, and the ability to track send and open rates for email-based notifications.

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