gen-E Launches OpsCenter InfiniView

Advanced analytics and service assurance provider gen-E today released its OpsCenter InfiniView business intelligence platform, which consolidates and analyzes data from across an enterprise and then evaluates that data by measuring it against industry best practice key performance indicators. OpsCenter InfiniView's process is automated, and the solution provides results and recommendations to users via a real-time dashboard. The solution aims to provide context so that users can easily sort through large volumes of data and make changes to improve performance.

The OpsCenter platform features six key components: integration, analytics, visualization, activation, automation, and flexibility. The platform is compatible with more than 50 operations and business support systems, and its analytics are powered by Hadoop, which provides speed and scalability. OpsCenter also features Dynamic Dashboards, which provide real-time visibility and allow users to create models for different hypothetical situations. The platform has a built-in interface that can be combined with new services, and its automation feature is geared toward specific MSO, wireless, and wireline services, as well as network devices. Finally, the platform has a flexible pricing and delivery model that allows users to deploy the solution on premises as well as in a private or public cloud.

Marc Hayden, CEO of gen-E, said in a statement that the platform aims to ease the burden of data analysis:

"Though advanced analytics has certainly accelerated digital transformation initiatives of some companies, current market solutions stop at providing visual representations of data, leaving much of the heavy lifting of analysis to department heads and business leaders. OpsCenter InfiniView provides decision making support through actual insights—it's more intelligent business analytics."

Other solutions available from gen-E include the following: The Network Health Check analyzes IBM Systems Middleware to improve efficiency; Netcool Operations Insight uses both real-time and historical analytics to assist IT in better understanding their operations and infrastructure; and its operations analytics provide industry-specific solutions for various enterprises.

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